Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sariah's 15 Month Check Up

This last month we went in for Sariah's well check! She is growing up soo fast!!! She had some shots and did really well!! The Dr. wanted to talk to me about her weight to make sure I was feeding her healthy food, making sure she wasn't big because I was feeding her crap! So I let him know the kinds of food she eats and he was ok great she is just a big girl! I think next time we go in I am going to bring one of my baby pictures so he can see how big I was at her age!!! She is talking more and LOVES being around her sister Sammi. She loves dolls and books and animals and still loves purses and loves to bring me the dress up so I can put it on her!! She gets so excited when she brings it to me she starts to run in place with excitement!! She loves when her Daddy comes home and is all smiles! She also has become quite the cuddlier!! I love it!! She loves to sit on your lap and loves to give kisses!! She especially loves if Spencer or I are on the computer to sit on our lap and just watch! She is starting to understand a little more I can ask her if she wants a snack and she will go running to were the snacks are and says "snack, snack" Some of her words are Momma, Dadda, Sammi, Sariah, Jo Jo, Caster, No, Baby, Happy, Apple, Happy Baby, Cute! Ok I think you get the point ha ha!! Sariah is such a joy to our family she brings smiles to our faces daily, you just look at her and want to squeeze her!! Well here are her stats!! Sariah weighs 28 lbs. she is 31 inches long and her head circumference is 18 1/2 in. Our Cute Sariah Jo!
Sariah cuddling with Tinker Bell!

Happy (Late) Valentines Day!!

This past weekend was Valentines day and it was a three day event in our house!! On Friday evening Sammi and I baked cute heart sugar cookies and Sammi and Daddy put all the frosting and sprinkles on them!! We had a fun time baking cookies with her!! Sammi ate so much frosting!! She kept licking all the frosting off her cookies and then she would put more on them!! ha ha!! We finally had to tell her that was enough, we didn't want her little tummy to get upset!! Little Sariah was in bed when we made the cookies, but next year she will be old enough to enjoy it too!! On Sat. morning Spencer brought me these beautiful flowers and a sweet card with a nice treat in it!! Thank you babe!! On Sat night Spencer and I went to dinner and then to the Rebels game, we were lucky enough to have some friends of ours watch our girls while we went to the game, I had waited until the last min. to try to get a babysitter and that was a joke!! So we dropped the girls off at our friends house where there were about 4 other kids!! The girls had a blast over there and we enjoyed our evening together!! To top it all off our Rebel's won!! Yeah!! On Sunday Spencer surprised the girls with this yummy cake you see below!! He is so cute and sweet!! I believe Spencer said it best to me, he said he hoped that Valentines day was just another day for me because he hopes he shows me he loves me everyday, he hit it right on the nail! It was just another day!! Thank you for showing me you love me each and every day!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband like you!! And we love you girls!!! Happy Valentines Day!! My beautiful flowers!! And all our cards from each other!
Sammi ready to bake some more cookies!!
Spencer and Sammi decorating some cookies!!
Daddy helping Sammi so she doesn't put too much sprinkles on them!!
Sammi hard at work!!
All finished!! Now enjoying the masterpiece!
The cute cake Spencer made!!

Hawaii Day 6

This is a little late but I never posted the pictures from our last full day in Hawaii!! We started off the day by going over to the beach and hanging out!! The guys played a little football and snorkeled, OH and I got in the water!!! I couldn't forget to put that in there! ha ha!! We then went back to the condo had some lunch and then headed back to the beach, where I got to get my tan on!! Later that evening, Spencer and I along with Mikey and Ronnie and Ben went over to the Hilton and took a stroll through there! We got to see the dolphins!! They were really cool watching them do all there tricks and stuff!! There were people who had paid to be able to go in and touch them and stuff!! Oh how I cant wait to go back again!! We had such a blast!! We will have memories forever of our wonderful trip to paradise!! Thank you babe for and unforgettable time!! I love you soo much!! I lOVED the beautiful flowers there!!
Spencer and Jerrol messing around on the beach!!
A parrot chillin in a cage at the resort we went to! There was a pair of them! They were pretty cool!!
The parrots and I! (I was not feeling real good at the moment, gee I wonder why? ha ha, but I still had to get a picture with the parrots, you cant tell but I was really quite excited about them!!)
One of the Dolphins at the Hilton!
They were pretty cool!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Having another Baby!!

Today Shanti went to the doctor for a check up after our trip to Hawaii while I spent some time with my little girls they are to funny! I tried to play the tough roll but I missed them a ton. Any way Shanti came home and as she came through the door she had this funny little grin on her face. Right then I knew... I said "Are you pregnant?" And she tried to hide her face behind Sammi but then said with a smile " Yes! Yes!" I sat there in shock! All I can say is "Please Lord give me a boy!" Life is funny right when you think you have it all figured out the Lord hits you with something that challenges you. I am excited. I hope and pray that Shanti can make it through another pregnancy and this new addition makes it here safe.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hawai'i day 5

Well it was Sunday of the great Kona trip and today we decided to go to the black sand beaches and water falls of Wai'pio valley. So we all loaded up and drove over after the normal morning of running, working out, and eating of boot camp "09". Shanti and I followed Kiger and the boys with Tracy and Pat in their Jeep. After we got there we locked in the 4x4 and started down the scary incline.
After the long drive into the valley we found a parking spot by the river where we parked the cars and prepared for your hike. We found a hiker to take a photo of the crew before the journey.
As you can see we have no idea of what we are about to endure. It was a little trail through the jungle. It was beautiful little river surrounded by bamboo and all kinds of green plants.
It was all fun and games tell we reached a part of the trail that required some swimming!
Shanti does not like cold water as you can tell
Tracy and Pat getting in.
After the water hiking and rock climbing we arrived at one of the most beautiful sight we have seen.

We had a great time and it was worth all the pain and cold water we went through to get there. We have more pics we will post at a later time. Back to the beach! Bye!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hawaii Day 4

The most beautiful day by far was today! The guys of course woke up like at 6 and went for there run! I slept in like usual and then we headed out to the beach where there were some awesome but scary waves!! The guys played a little football and hit the waves and I laid out!! Around lunch time we headed back to the condo and had some lunch and then went to the beach right up the way! Some of the guys did snorkeling and I got a real nice tan!!!!! We then came back and headed up to the gym/spa for about an hour. For dinner we all went into town and had some real yummy fish and chips that Michael had recommended, and boy were they good!! We then walked around some of the shops and had the best snow cones ever!! They are called Scandinavian shaved ice!! They have ice cream in the middle they were soo good!! Now everyone is just hanging out watching the movie Taken!! A real good one!! Tomorrow we will go to Wiapo Valley. I have to tell you Jaime your hubby has been talking about you ALL day, no joke I am not exaggerating either!! He did tell us when we were eating how your clam chowder is by far better than the place we ate at so we are going to need to get that recipe from you!! He sure misses you!!! I got to talk to my sweet little girls yesterday so that just made my day !!! Sammi told me what she wanted us to bring her back again and she tried to show me her Barbie doll and Sariah just sat there real quiet and listened and then said "Momma" Too Cute!! I included some pictures of me just for you my little Sammi so you could see mommy too like you asked!! See you girls soon!! Mommy and Daddy LOVE you soo much!! Mom and Dad thank you sooo much we love and miss you too!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hawaii Day 3

Today is day 3 of beautiful Hawaii!! We are absolutely loving it!! Today the guys started out the day with a nice run in paradise as they put it and my mom and Pat left for Maui and I slept in again!! We then headed out for two step where the guys did a little diving and I laid out in the wonderful sun and worked on my tan!!! We then headed to Costco and did some more shopping and came back to the condo and soon headed out to work out at the very upscale gym/spa!! Jerrol has a lot at this place where it has it all!!! It was absolutely beautiful!! All the machines had there own little flat screen TVs and a big flat screen on the wall. All the windows opened up to the beautiful scenery!! After we all had a nice work out some of us headed to the pool some headed to the hot tub and some headed to the sauna!! It had steam rooms, a massage parlor showers with all the fixings!! We are all so excited to go back there tomorrow!! A lot of famous people have homes where this place is at!!! We ended the day with a yummy steak dinner and some ice cream afterwords!! Tomorrow we are going to stay close to here and do some spear fishing, snorkeling and some laying out!!! We are having so much fun!! I am already planning our trip for next year!!! I took the picture of the little crab just for Sammi and Sariah I know they will just love it!! Mommy and Daddy miss you girls!! Love you!! Beautiful Two Step
Another view of Two Step
The guys getting all there dive stuff on!!
Ben getting ready to get in!!
Some of the guys waiting for the others!
Spencer all ready to dive in!!
Mr. Crab, he kept trying to creep up on me!!
The beautiful gym!!
The swimming pool and hot tub and the gym/spa!!
One of the views we could look at while working out if we didn't want to watch TV!! And Jerrol playing a little golf!!
The guys all watching some fights after dinner the night before!!
My mom and Pat enjoying the beautiful weather outside after dinner the night before!!
The guys playing on the Internet having a good laugh!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hawaii Day 2

Well today was a fun day here in Hawaii!! The guys got up REALLY early and went diving!! I have to get the pictures they took and put them on here! They all had a blast! I got to sleep in so that was SOOOO nice!! Later my mom and Pat went and got coffee and I showered and met them down at the beach and we saw the turtles!!! They were so cool and they came right up to you!! It was really windy but that soon faded down a lot!! The guys came back and we all ate lunch and headed to the beach and they all played some football while I got to lay out!! We are having such a wondeful time here and the weather is PERFECT!! My mom and Pat are headed to Maui in the moring for a couple of days to go meet up with some friends and the guys are going to go diving in the morning again and then we will go snorkling, Spencer is excited to teach me! We are going to a place called Two Step!! We are going to eat some yummy tri tip for dinner and going to just chill!!