Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

The cards the girls made for Spencer
The cute poem we had framed with the girls legs in the background

Sammi's Fathers Day poem she colored for him!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!! Especially Spencer, the best daddy ever!!! It is truly a blessing to have such a wonderful father like you to our girls!! They are already daddies girls as you know and love you to pieces!! We love you!! We are also wishing our fathers Mike and Danny a wonderful Fathers Day as well we love you both; and not forgetting my father Larry who was a wonderful dad to me, we wish he was here to celebrate this day in honor of him!!! We also hope our grandfathers and brothers and brother in laws are having a wonderful day too!! We love all of you and you are all awesome fathers!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!

Sariah's Allergic Reaction

I took these on my phone to show Spencer what was going on

What a day Saturday was!! Our day started off great, we went out to breakfast with Roger Holder and some other friends who were here for the races. The girls and I then headed to Costco to get some stuff. While there we did our normal routine trying the yummy samples they have!! Well right before we left we walked by one of the sample ladies who had a sample of a nut bar, Sammi didn't want one but Sariah did she ate a tiny little bit and then handed it to me so I ate what she didn't. We then stood in line and she was getting fussy and kept rubbing her face. We finished there and were heading out side and she was still fussing and I am looking at her and her left side of her face was starting to swell up, it was obvious she was allergic to what she just ate so I immediately called to find out how much benadryl to give her, I made a couple of calls to my sister in laws and brother but ended up calling the Dr. they told me how much to give her and they told me to take her in. We got to the urgent care and they took us right in and gave her more benadryl and then a steroid medication, and waited and watched. I had Sammi with us of course and she was trying to run around like crazy, but they gave her a coloring book and she was content for a min. I thought it would be best to see if someone could come pick her up. Megan our awesome babysitter saved the day!! Sammi was SOO happy to see her and was excited to leave!! Well in the meantime Sariah proceeded to get worse and her lips began to swell worse along with the hives all over her body, to wear they immediately gave her an Epinephrine shot and called an ambulance to take her to the pediatric ER. Spencer was clear out at the Speedway so he was already on his way. He made it there, and they took Sariah and I in the ambulance and Spencer followed behind us to the hospital. When we got there she had fallen asleep which was good because she was soo uncomfortable. The Epinephrine was working and you could see the swelling starting to go down along with the hives all over her body. We had to sit there for observation because the shot only last 2 hours. The Dr. had come and talked to us about what was going on and explained that it was def. a food allergy to tree nuts not sure which ones but she would have to see an allergist this week to find out; and that she needed to stay away from ALL nuts. That means anything where nuts/nut oil are prepared. The Dr. was great at explaining everything!! He also told us from now on we had to carry an Epinephrine shot on us at all times for Sariah in case she comes in contact with what she is allergic to again, and one at home. He let us know that it will happen again at some point in her life and that we just have to be prepared and notify everyone of her allergy. What is so scary is that he explained that the next time will be worse. Each time it gets more and more violent. We are making an app. for the allergist first thing tomorrow morning. She is doing much better, but they told us we needed to watch her very closely for the next 72 hours because it is still in her system and it is not uncommon for another outbreak; but thank goodness she is doing really good!! It really stinks that this is how you have to find out!! We are just so thankful that she is home recovering great!! We love you Sariah Jo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Permanent Marker!!!

As you can see by the title today was NOT a good day here in the Taylor home!! It all started sometime around 5:00am, Sammi had fallen out of bed and was crying and Spencer was up for work so he had gone in there to get her back to bed. I went in there and said she could just come to bed with me because that way I knew she would go back to sleep, so I thought!! As I was dosing off and so was she, she asked me to put her back in her bed which is not unusual, that is what usually happens and she goes back to sleep! Well NOT this morning. I put her back in bed and I went back to bed myself. Mind you I am a pretty light sleeper, but not this morning!! I woke up to Sammi saying "Mommy I broke all the eggs in my room!" I jumped out of bed and was all great! Then I looked at her and she was covered in black PERMANENT marker!! I was thinking she just colored on herself until I went to get some dish towels out of the kitchen to clean up the 9 eggs she had broken all over her play kitchen in her room, yes there was a big puddle of eggs all over the carpet!! But when I came out to the kitchen I saw the fridge, and the stove and just cried she was already in time out and started crying too!! I was soo upset!!! After cleaning up the egg I saw her little slide in her room and all her little people and tinker bell figurines, Then I saw the wall and the speakers and the window sill not much longer after that! We keep the dog locked up at night because I know if Sammi gets up that is the first place she goes, she likes letting Caster out, but we lock him in there so I will hear her opening the kennel! and know she is awake if I already didn't! I didn't hear ANY of this going on this morning!! The dog kennel was unlocked but Caster was asleep in his kennel, I am sure he didn't want any part of what she was doing!! ha ha!! Well I got the marker off of the Fridge which mind you, we have had only 2 months!! The marker off the cabinet, stove, the speakers, the slide and tried to get it off her little people and tinker bell figurines as much as I could! I should just throw the tinker bell figurines away they don't look too good!! I am going to tackle the walls and the window sill with a magic eraser tomorrow!! We might have to paint, but I will def. try to get what I can off!! The last picture below is the BEST stuff ever at removing permanent marker, along with the magic erasers. The magic eraser wouldn't take all of it off but with the combination of the two it worked wonders!!! Sammi was in trouble all day, we were supposed to go to her little class and go to the park which didn't happen and she as not allowed to watch any TV today! She walked around with a sad face until after she got up from her nap! Spencer and I both had a talk with her! She is a smart girl and I know she knows!! What a day!!! I know tomorrow will be better and we live and learn!!

Our brand new fridge!!

Our beautiful cabinet!!

Our nice white stove!!
Our beautiful accent wall!
Another wall!
The first speaker!!
And the second speaker!!
Just part of the window sill!
Her slide!
Her arm, she had it on her face and her legs too! But the arm was the worse!!
The wonderful cleaner that got it off!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun At The Park!!!

Every Tuesday and Thursday after Sammi gets out of her little class we have been going to the park!! It's really nice because the park is right across the street from the rec-center!! I love that here in Henderson there are TONS of parks soo close to our home!!! The girls definitely love it too!! This time at the park Sariah was soo much braver and went down every slide, which didn't surprise me really, before I would try to get her to just stay on the little ones because the bigger ones are up really high, but this time I just let her run free!! Here are some pictures of the girls in action!!! The first 15 min. of us getting to the park Sammi ran EVERYWHERE chasing the birds!!
Sariah looking around!!

Sammi trying to do what we call sand angles!!
Sariah trying to make her way up!! She couldnt quite do it, which didnt bother me at all!! That thing is quite scary when they hit the middle!! She kept yelling "Help!"
Sammi looking down at me so I could take her picture!!
Sariah making her way up to the big slides!!
Sammi coming down the slide, happy as can be!!
Sariah so proud she went down the big slide all by herself!!
Sammi swinging!! She always yells "Big Muscles!" afterwards!!

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!!!

On June 10, Spencer and I had our 4th Anniversary!!! We celebrate our Sealing anniversary but this one is still important too!!! I had written Spencer a cute little card and put it in his lunch the night before, neither one of us had said anything the day before about it being our anniversary the next day so I kinda thought he forgot!! Ha ha, I was soo wrong!!! Sunni had texted me and said Happy Anniversary and I thanked her, I actually thought she new because of the ticker on our blog. Well when I sent her the text and said thank you I also put in there that I think Spencer forgot and then said hee hee!!! The next thing you know Spencer called me and said I didn't forget! Didn't you see facebook? and I was like wow Sunni called him? Well I sent the text to him, not Sunni!! What a dork I know!!! So I immediately looked on facebook and this is what Spencer wrote!
Four years ago today a young and beautiful woman took a chance on a less than brilliant man who had made mistake after mistake only to fail in everything he had done. But on this day his life changed. He finally made a right decision and from that single act of love his life became meaningful, fun, and full of LOVE. Shanti thank you for seeing me through all my faults and helping me become a better man. Happy Anniversary!
What a sweet husband I have!! He is truly a wonderful husband, father, and friend! He has made all my dreams come true and I am so proud of the man he has become. He too has seen me through all my faults and has helped me become such a better person!! I learn from him everyday and still to this day he inspires me to be a better person in all that I do!! We have grown so much together!! I love him with all my heart and I am soo excited to spend eternity with him!! I love you Spencer! Happy Anniversary!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funny Little Girls!!!

I have to say that we have some funny little girls!! Children in general do and say the funniest things!! I swear we get a kick out of them everyday!!! The first picture below was taken in our closet!! We walked in and there was Sammi reading to her baby!! She was reading my What To Expect When Your Expecting Book! Nice I know but it was so funny she was pretending to really read it! It was soo cute!!! The next picture is of our little Sariah; I was in the kitchen making lunch and she started yelling "stuck, stuck!" So I went to see what she was into and there she was! The picture is self explanatory and I started cracking up!!! Tonight at dinner Sammi was bouncing around her chair and would not sit still so I said to her "What is wrong do you have ants in your pants, and they are making you do the boogie dance?" She about came off of her chair and looked down at her underwear and said to me "mommy I don't have ants in my underpants!" Then there is Sariah who loves to sing the song Aunt Sunni taught her -Bob bob aran!! We just love them and there little personalities!!!

Our Weekend Trip To Bakersfield!!

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to Bakersfield!! The whole family was there and everyone knows how its rare except for holidays for everyone to be there! Mikey's finance Larissa was there so we were super excited to meet her and to get to know her!! What a sweet girl she is!! We had a wonderful time with everyone and the girls loved playing with there cousins!! We went the the Neville annual party where there was some yummy food, and animals for the kids to look at, along with great company!!! We had a blast!! The girls had a lot of fun too!! I wished we all lived closer!!! Here are some pictures of our fun weekend!! Sariah lounging on the steps of the pool!!

Sammi attempting to get in, but it never happened!!!

Sariah and Daddy! The water was pretty cold!!!

Our sweet Sariah!!

Too Cute!!

Sammi had more fun playing with the water toys than actually getting in, but I don't blame her the water was FREEZING, at least to me!!

Sammi and Luke!!

What a day!!!

Play Time!!

Sariah visiting with her Grandpa! She loves him!!

Sariah kickin back with Great Grandpa Taylor! Sariah and her Aunt Jaime, the one minute that Sariah was actually still!! Poor Jaime she had to be so sore from wrestling around with Sariah all night!!!

Sammi and her Daddy checking out the animals!!

So excited about all the animals!!!

Daddy's turn to wrestle with Sariah!!

The funny little monkey!!

Yes they even had a bear there!! It was quite scary. Sammi wanted to touch him and I had to explain that we don't touch bears that he wasn't very nice!!!

Daddy Daughter Camp Out!!

It was time for the father and sons camp out for my ward and because I have only spoiled princesses I took Sammi on our first camp out. She was very excited and was asking many funny questions the whole way to the Hidden Valley Ranch. When we arrived Sammi was excited to see some of the boys from our ward and immediately took off playing and running around why I got set up. Everyone got a kick out of the nonstop action Sammi displays where ever she goes. The night began to fall and the frogs came out. That was when the fun began for me. As soon has Sammi saw the first frog she fell in love and wanted to hold every frog in a 10 mile radius even after the first toad went pee all over her hand. I chased her while she chased the froggy's tell about 11:30 p.m. Then I was to tired to keep up so I took Sammi to the tent for bed, She was not ready! She fought with me for at least a hour before she finally gave up after a call to Shanti to calm her down. The Movie playing on the big screen tell 12:30 didn't help either. We slept good tell about 6 a.m. that's when I heard the small voice say" I hear birdies." And then the hunt was on for more froggy's! Luckily they were all asleep. The bishop woke up to her running around his tent and asked me "How can the smallest girl be the last one to sleep and the first one awake?" I said"welcome to my life!" But we had a blast! Here are some pics from the trip, Sammi I love you and can't wait for our next camp out!

Sammi And Her Big Girl Bed!!

Well Sammi finally did it!!! She officially started climbing out of her crib!! With all the climbing she does I was actually REALLY surprised that she didn't do it earlier!! She actually climbed out of it while on I was on bed rest but she hurt her self one time when she did it, so she hadn't done it since then; Until about two weeks ago!! Spencer and I were sleeping and all of a sudden I saw the light flick on in the kitchen and I woke up Spencer and said "Someone is in the kitchen!" He got up, along with the baseball bat and peaked around the corner and there was Sammi with Caster trying to get in the garage. He asked her what she was doing and she said Caster was hungry!! We couldn't help but laugh!! Well she kept crawling out of her crib ALL night that night!! So the next day we converted her bed into a toddler bed! Sammi was so excited to sleep in her big girl bed!! She has been doing very well considering some of the stories I have heard!! I have to tell her to get back in bed for about 30-45min after we put her to bed, but once she falls asleep she stays in her bed. She has fallen out quite a bit and she gets real upset when that happens:( We were planning on putting her in a big bed before the baby gets here so it actually worked out perfect!! When I go in her room before we go to bed to tuck her in I cant help but to get all giddy at how cute she looks sleeping in her big girl bed!! We love you Sammi Ann!!!