Thursday, March 25, 2010

December Parties!!

December is always a Christmas party month!!! Here we are at two of the parties we went to!!!

November 2009 Pictures!!

While we were in Bakersfield Sunni did a little photo shoot of our kids!! I forgot to put the big family picture in my last post so here it is as well!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Visit To Bakersfield and Thanksgiving!!

Wow am I behind or what!!! Once again!!! So as you see I have not blogged since NOVEMBER!!!!!! I am thinking I will get all caught up hopefully by Monday!! Being a mother of 3 definitely keep you SUPER busy!!! May I add being a mother of 3 children ages 3 and under!! Ha H!! But I wouldn't change it for anything!! They make our life complete!!! Well here we go...... November 2009 Sunni and I drove down to Bakersfield to go stay for a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, The hubby's had to work so they drove down together the night before Thanksgiving!! We had soo much fun as did the children!! The sleeping situation with my children was... quite interesting to say the least!! Sammi and Sariah slept together in the play room and oh boy they would wake up at odd hours of the night and would turn on the lights and start playing like it was the middle of the day!!! I would never hear them so poor Sunni would get up and tell them to go back to bed!! I am sure Sunni was so glad when we were gone!! Ha Ha!! We ended up having to take the light bulbs out of ALL the lights in the room and even had to put tape over one of the light switches!!! If there was a light in that room they would hunt for it in the dark! Crazy girls!! So that made nights very interesting!! My mom even got to come hang out for a couple of days!! I took a ton of pictures with her camera so I need to get them off of her camera and I will add them to the top!! The kids were in heaven having two grandmas there!!! My mom got to really spend time with little Spencer this time because when he was born he went right to the NICU so she had to leave before he was able to come home. I was soo sad when she had to leave:( Thank you Mom for coming I had a blast!! While there we made several trips to the park, Target ha ha, and even got to have a craft night out at Jaime's and even went on a girls night out!! I am sure mom was soo glad to have her house back to normalcy once we left!! Ha Ha!! I am looking forward to another trip this summer, I am sure mom is soo excited too HAAHAAAHAA!! Well here are some pictures of our fun trip!!! Our 2009 Family Picture!

Mom and Dad Taylor

Armijo Family

Urmston Family

Lyman Family

The newest Taylor Family

All the guys

All the girls!

4 Generations of the Taylors

All the grandchildren!! All 14 of them!!

Me, Sunni and Larissa

Ha Ha, I asked Dad to hold the baby for me and he said okay as long as he doesn't poop on me or anything!! Sure enough not a minute later Spencer had a blow out!! Hahahahah!!!

Sammi!! She is going to love this picture when she is older!! The little stinker was not into having her picture taken this trip, hence the lack of pictures of her!!

Kauner Luke and Sammi playing at the park!

Dad rescuing little Charley off of the top of the slide!! Scary!!!

Me and the girls

Sammi sporting the pink hair

Sariah the little devil!!

Hahaa little Luke!!

Hahaa cute little kiddos!!!

Happy Sisters!

Luke and Sammi-Dont they seem so excited??

Me being a weirdo-look at poor Spencers face! Haahaa!!

So Sunni and I dressed Sariah up in this cheerleader outfit

She started posing for us! haahaa!!

haahaa more posing!!!

So I told Sunni to see if she could fit into the baby swing she was like no way I am not doing that!! So I did!! What a dork I know!! So as she took the picture I made a fuuny face little did I know what was about to come next!!

Yes I got stuck!! Haahaa!!!

My cute little Jo Jo!!

Logan and Sariah!! Soo cute!!!

Sariahs funny face!!

Grandpa, Luke, Loan and Sammi watching a movie!! Can you tell who was scared??

The 2006 babies!! Only there not babies anymore:(