Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spencer and Castor

So our little guy has discovered Castor! He wasnt too sure of him at first but that didnt take long!! Looks like we have another animal lover!! Playing with Castor's tail!

Climbing all over the dog!

I bring the dogs inside while the girls nap everyday so Spencer goes and visits with them while they are taking there naps too!

Our 5 Year Anniversary!!!!

Spencer and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on June 10!!! We cant believe it has already been 5 years that we have been married!! In the 5 years that we have been married so much has happened, we seriously have fulfilled many dreams that we have had!! I say this a lot but we are truly living a dream come true!! We continue to grow together in every way that we can!! I am truly blessed to be his wife and so excited for the years to come!! Every year just gets better and better! I love you with all my heart Spencer!!! Here are some pictures of us celebrating 5 years!! Spencer brought home a delicious cake!! I think about that cake often! haha!!
Spencer and I blowing out our 5 candles!!!

Sammi enjoying a little cake!! Looking at this picture just melts my heart, she is getting so big and truly is a sweet little girl (most of the time;) )

Sariah! I laugh at this picture because we tell her to say cheese and she always tilts her head, by the time the camera decides to take the picture she is done smiling!!

Spencer enjoying a little cake!!!

The Taylor Family, Just one of our dreams that have come true in the last 5 years!!!

Visit From The Smith's

A couple of weekends ago we had Mandi, Brian and Brooklyn come hang out for a few days! Brian had a conference here in Vegas and Mandi and Brooklyn hung out with us!! The girls had soo much fun playing together!! It was really nice to see all of them get along soo well!! One of the days they were here we went to the splash pad! Sammi was the only one that would get in the water, Sariah and Brooklyn didn't want much to do with it!! It was soo hot that day, I think like 108!! We ended up staying inside the rest of the days-I was just too hot to even go anywhere!! We had a great time with them and are excited to see them in a couple weeks and play again while were down in Bakersfield!! Sammi and Brooklyn!

Sariah being silly!

Our sweet Sammi aka Mommy's little helper!!

Our cute little Sariah! She was ready for a nap!

Spencer! He loved the water!! Is he not just so cute?!!


Brooklyn- she's such a funny little girl!!

Spencer chillin in his seat when we first got there!

Brooklyn and Sariah observing!

Brooklyn-Is she not soo cute?!!! Not to mention she has such a funny little personality!! My favorite is when she rolls her eyes!! Its hilarious!!
Sariah hanging out in the play area

Spencer had enough!!

Sammi playing in the water!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spencer's Fight!!!

Spencer had his first Muay Thai fight on June 5th!!! I will admit I thought I was going to have a heart attack that night!! haha!!! He did great and of course won!!! So many of our family and friends came to watch and showed there support for him!! Thank you all soo much for coming!! Mark your calenders because it looks like he will be in the next one on September 11, pending Mikey and Larissa's sealing date!! I am happy to see him so happy about doing something he loves!!! I hope my heart will uphold for the next fight!!! Hope to see all of you who came again along with the others who couldn't make it this last time!!!! Great job babe!!! Here are some pictures from the eventful weekend!! Jerroll, Gabe, Steve, me, Larissa and Mikey
Spencer and Chris

Jim and Spencer

Dad, Spencer and Teddy

Weighing in!

The face off!!

The entrance!!!

Kristi, me and Larissa!!

Spencer's 9 Months Old!!!

I cant believe little Spencer is already 9 months old ! He turned 9 months on May 29th and is just getting so big!! For the most part he is still the happiest baby!!! His little smile still melts our hearts!! He is loving that he is able to get to whatever he wants to now!! He doesn't get into everything like the girls did/do (Yet, lets hope it stays that way) He loves to just chill and roam around the house!! He loves going over to his toy box as you see below and loves to sit on his knees and take the toys out of there! The other night at Steve and Tracy's he pulled himself up!! He loves food and we have stopped with the baby food and now give him whatever we are eating!! I have even started making my own food for him when it comes to stuff he cant quite chew since he doesn't have any teeth yet! I am quite proud of myself since I pretty much gave the girls store bought baby food until they had teeth! He definitely loves the taste of table food much better!!! As far as teeth go, we do see his bottom left tooth just trying to brake through the gums!! We just love our little guy and he is truly a blessing in all of our lives!! We are soo happy to be his parents!! We love you little guy!! For stats here they are- his height was 29 in. which puts him in the 50-75% he weighed 20 lb- 25-50 % and his head circ. was in the 50% He is just perfect!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day!!!

For Memorial Day our friends invited us to The M Resort Pool where they had a cabana!! We had soo much fun!!! We stayed and just hung out and let the kids swim for hours!!! This was little Spencer's first time swimming and he loved it!! The girls had a blast hanging out in the pool playing with there friends!! Needless to say we had a great day with great friends!!!