Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Eternal Family

On the 9th was our anniversary of our temple marriage. It has been two years and since then we have added another beautiful girl to our family. Sariah Jo. My life has been a roller coaster of joy ,pain, shame, pride, forgiveness, and love. I have to say through it all my Shanti held strong and saw through the bad to make to the good. I love my family. I love my faith. I love Christ! With out them I would be nothing. The gospel is beautiful and it seems to me that our most perfect belief is that through temple ordinances, faith,repentance,and through living righteous those people I hold closest to me I will have in my life forever. Here is some pics of my girls some old some new so enjoy, I do everyday and i will forever and ever.

I love my girls! I have to say it is a true joy to have all these beautiful women waiting for me at home when i get done at work. Shanti is a great mom. She loves her girls and takes care of them with the greatest amount of love. She has the sweetest testimony and to watch her share it with my family makes my heart melt. I have been truly blessed in every aspect of my life, and having her in my life has been the greatest of all. I Love You babe! I still can't believe I get you forever. I can't wait!

Party Time!

We had the chance the other night to go to the AGC Christmas dinner with the office crew, it was great time. There was a silent auction, pictures, and a dance. The dinner was pretty good ad the choir provided some great listening music but the fun really began hen the DJ kick up the funk music! Everyone gave the floor a shot even Boyd! But my wife was blessed with a lot of things but rhythm was not one of those things. I could not even get her to do the two step, the sway ,or even the JR. high side to side slow dance. I hope the girls have a little Jaime Urmston in their feet or the church dances will be a bore. I have to say I was impressed with everyone elses dance moves though. Maybe Jaime can show Shanti a thing or two before next year. LOL The thrill and my Queen.
Jason "the dance machine" Bartel and his stunning lady Beth.

Derrick and lovely Megan who married way beneath her bless her heart.

Matt and his sweet wife Emily

Here is the man that makes it all happen for all of us Boyd Martin and his beautiful wife Renee, thank you guys for a great time we love you.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Well since Shanti is slacking on the blog thing I will try to hook it up. Sunday night Shanti and her family took me down to Palo Alto to my guy Jerrol's house for a barbecue. It was great fun Jerrol hooked up the meat and Jalynn made her famous mashed taters. We also went on a tour of the houses Kiger is building and we were all impressed. After dinner Shanti and family left me at Jerrols so he could take me to SFO for my flight home at 9:55 pm. While sitting watching football Jerrol started in on the "lets go to monday night football game!" I shot it down thinking of work and having to get back to Vegas. Jerrol then called Steve Young and he said come on. So I took a shot at calling Boyd my boss and asking him for Monday off and to my surprise he said yes! So the adventure was on! Jerrol and I flew on the red eye to Houston Texas first class of course. We landed and then got a hotel room right next to the football stadium and took some much needed sleep. After we woke up we went to Costco and bought Shanti her anniversary present a camera which I used then re wrapped.HA HA. I know my sisters are rolling their eyes right now. We then went over to Reliant Stadium which is huge! The old Astro dome looks like the old Civic center in Bako in comparison. We walked all around and checked out the sights before we went in to meet up with Steve Young and the crew of ESPN for some lunch. What a great guy Steve is thoughtful and kind as can be. We then got our TV passes which made Jerrol and I as important as the big wigs of ESPN. We could go anywhere we wanted. from the sidelines to the locker rooms and even the owners boxes. Trust me if you know me and Jerrol we took full advantage and went everywhere.

This statue is in the front of the stadium so we went had up! ha ha
A quick flick.
This place was huge! 5 levels counting the owners boxes and yes we checked out every level. HA

Stew, Steve, and Emmit about to lay down some pre game commentary.
Some of the Texans warming up before the game. Note the view. HA HA

We were not allowed to take pics during the game so these were right after. We got to watch the game from the sidelines on the 15 yard line about 3 yards off the field. Emmit was chilling with us along with Steve what a rush to hang with two hall of Famer's. Down on that level the sounds of the game are unbelievable. I can't describe how it made we feel but it was nothing short of a adrenaline rush.

While the guys were doing the post game report Jerrol and I walked out on the Texan and add a TO moment. Ha How would it be to be out there in the game WOW!
During the fourth quarter Marice Jones-Drew caught a pass about on the 20 yard line and took the biggest hit I have ever seen in person and ran the guy over then ran over two more tacklers to then get tripped up on the 2 yard line. I swear it sounded like two cars running into each other at 40 mph! I then looked at Steve,Jerrol, and Emmit in disbelief. Steve the added " I think that guy is strong!" All I can say is I try not to jock anyone I know some famous people and they all put their underwear on the same way but after that I had to get a pic with that MAN! A true animal. Thanks Marice.
After all I have to say it was a night I will never forget. I have to thank Steve Young for the passes and all the hospitality. Emmit for the laughs and the hand shake. Boyd Martin for the time off with out that it would not have happened. ESPN for lunch. And last but not least the man who made it all happen my dear friend Jerrol Kiger love you bro.