Monday, November 12, 2007

Too Cute!

Well yesterday we had our first photo shoot in our PJ's!! ha ha. Sammi was so cute holding Sariah. Sammi loves kissing her little sister and know loves holding her!!

Sun Bathing!!

Daddys Shoes!

The other day when I was changing Sariah I looked over and Sammi was putting on Spencer's shoes, so when I was finished changing the baby I went over to help Sammi. It was soo funny watching her try to walk in them! She is just so darn cute!! She makes me laugh all the time!!

First Day at Church

Well yesterday was Sariah's first day at church. She was quite a hit!! She looked soo cute in her little dress!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Now introducing Sariah Josephine Taylor

Well here she is she is 6 lbs 1 and half ounces 18 and one half inches long. She looks totally different than Sammi so we were shocked. Shanti thinks she looks like a Taylor but one thing is for sure she has Grandpa's chin. Any way you look at it she is a perfect little angel. She is a fighter for sure after having her cord wrapped around her neck two times and a knot around her arm. I already know I am going to have my hands full. Sammi is taking it well as long as Daddy doesn't hold the baby then the fussing begins. Anyway Shanti is going to put more pictures on later so stay tuned.