Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Spencer!!!

Singing Happy Birthday to our little guy!!
LOVING his very own Birthday cake!!

Look at that mess!!!!
He loved his birthday balls!
He loved his Birthday card from Great Grandma!!
Listening to the Birthday music!!
He loved his new church clothes from Grandma!

Today we celebrate the birth of our baby boy Spencer!!!! This year has flown by and what a blessing he has been to our family!! Little Spencer has made our family complete!!! He is such a sweet little boy and we cant get enough of him!! He loves his sisters and follows them everywhere!! He just loves his Daddy to pieces!!! He cant seem to get enough of him!!! The minute Spencer walks through the door its all about Daddy!!! He isn't walking on his own completely yet, he has taken two steps by himself but loves to walk around the house either holding on to his push toy or onto who ever is near him! He is such a happy baby and so easy going!! He has two teeth on bottom and his two front top teeth are coming in but that doesn't stop him from eating that's for sure!! He loves to feed himself! Spencer loves when you sing Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree! He says Mamma and Dadda and claps and waves!! His favorite toys are balls!!! He is all boy that's for sure!! He loves Veggie Tale movies, Wonder Pets and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I know he is only 1 but he actually will sit and watch them while he plays! He loves the water too, he loves playing at the splash pad and when we go swimming he looks just like a little fish swimming! I swear if we let go he would swim! Its so funny to watch!!! We just love our baby boy and we are so blessed and thankful to have him in our lives and to be his parents!!! Happy Birthday Spencer!!!!! We love you!!!

Just minutes old!!!

Our little man!! He is getting so big!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Big Boy!!

Spencer has moved into a front facing car seat!!!!!! No more lugging that heavy infant car seat around!!! He loves facing forward! The first day we put him in it I swear he smiled the ENTIRE time!!! He loves to be able to see whats going on and loves being able to watch movies!! Our big boy!!
Soo excited!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Sammi!!!

On August 16th Sammi turned 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe it!!!!! These last four years have flown by!! It has been such a blessing to watch little Sammi grow!!! She is truly such a sweet little girl!! She is at that age now where he loves to help you in whatever you are doing and tells us daily how much she loves us!!!! It just melts my heart!! She loves to talk to you about everything that is going on! She still continues to amaze us with her little memory- She remembers EVERYTHING! These days she is really into Barbie especially the movies and of course anything princess! For her birthday she got the new Veggie Tale movie Sweet Pea and has fell in love with Veggie Tales!! I was soo excited!!!! I know I am a dork! But what parent doesn't want there kids to love Veggie Tales!!!! Ha Ha! Sammi continues to LOVE primary and we just love listening to her talk about the all she is learning!!! Sammi starts preschool again next month and will be going three days a week! She is very excited and cant wait to get back to school!!! She says she needs to practice writing her name more! HaHa!! We had a little birthday party at the park/splash pad with some of her little friends!! We had a pinata and of course cake and our good friend Chris brought his kinkajou monkey Zoey and did balloons for the kids!! She had a blast!!! Her are some pictures from her party!! Happyy 4th Birthday Sammi!!!! We love you and are so proud of you!!
Sammi holding Zoey

The kids love little Zoey!!

Making balloons!!

Tracy and Steve!

Sammi and her balloon poodle!!

Steve and Spencer! They hung out the entire time together!! Thanks Steve!!!

Chris's Birthday balloon hat for Sammi! Hahahah!!!!

Little Oaklee!!

Little Kace!

Sammi opening gifts!

Steve and Spencer chillin on the swing!

Sammi blowing out her candles and making a wish!

Sammi's princess Birthday cake!

Her new birthday Princess and The Frog Dress that Grandma made!

The Ainge's

Megan and Dax

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Sunday Pictures!

One Sunday before church I wanted to get some pictures of the family!! Our family picture we had to take probably 6 times before we got everyone to look at the camera!!! I think we even bribed the girls with some gum!!!

Sammi's Talk!!

On August 8th Sammi had her first talk in Primary!!!! Her theme was "Jesus Christ is the son of God, and he is a God of miracles" I was soo happy and excited for her!! Spencer and I talked to her all week about it! She was very excited!! Spencer and her sat down and practiced her little talk!! It was so cute listening to them! Yes I cried!!! The big day came and I was so nervous!! I was the one going up there with her and we could tell she was not a bit nervous! She definitely gets that from her Dad! So as we were sitting there waiting I started to get really hot I was so nervous! I am such a weirdo!! We go up there and Sammi just grabs the microphone with both hands and just starts talking !!! She was not scared at all! She made eye contact the entire time and just spoke into the microphone! It was just so cute!! Definitely a day we will never forget!! We are so proud of her for being such a confident little girl and for doing such a great job!! We love you Sammi Ann!!!!Doesnt she look so cute sitting in that big chair!!!
Such a big girl!!!

No More Diapers For Sariah!!!

If your wondering what Sariah is holding it is underwear!!!! Yes she is no longer in diapers!!!!!!!!!! She actually hasn't been for about 3 months now but I just realized I never blogged about it!!! As all parents know, potty training is a work in progress and anyone who says "The minute I put underwear on my child they never had an accident ever again" Is lying!!! HaHa!!! Over all she is doing great though!! Most days are accident free but we have our days sometimes!! Yay for no more diapers Sariah!!!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pioneer Day In St. George!!

On Pioneer Day this year we headed up to St.George Utah and stayed with Sunni and Nick and then headed up to Pine Valley to see Grandma and Grandpa Reber. Poor little Luke was not feeling well at all and had a really high temp. It went down in the morning so we went to the festivities they were having in Washington! The kids had soo much fun!!! We all had a blast!! After we got home little Luke was not feeling well again and his temp. spiked it was up to 105 soo scary! Nick and Spencer gave him a blessing and later on him temp broke and after taking a long nap he seemed to feel better! Poor guy! Later on the evening we did fireworks with some friends of Nick and Sunni's! The kids chased the flying army men that came out of the fireworks over and over again! After that was all done we headed to bed and then woke up and we were off to Pine Valley. I was so mad I didn't take any pictures up at Grandma and Grandpas!! It was soo good to see them! They are just so sweet and such great inspirations to all of us!! We are going to start to try to make it up there once a month to go see them! We are also making it a Taylor tradition to head to St. George ever Pioneer Day!! Well here are some pictures of our fun weekend!!! Sammi getting her face painted!
Sariah getting her face painted! She was so funny she started moving away from the lady because she said the lady was tickling her!

Sammi's butterfly

Sariah's butterfly

Doing the cupcake walk!! Bad idea though once we really thought about it because poor Sariah couldn't have one! Spencer made it up to her when he brought her favorite color "pink' cotton candy!

Little Luke!

Sammi and Sariah with the "Princess"!!

Luke playing one of the games!
Spencer and Spencer hanging out!
Logan waiting patiently in line to ride the horse!
The girls on the horse!!
Logan on the horse!
The girls and some more "Princess's" if they could have they would have followed them everywhere!
Sammi playing the fishing game!
Spencer and Spencer watching some fireworks!

Sariah having a great time watching to fireworks! But it was a little loud sometimes!
Luke just chillin watching the fireworks!
Sammi not liking the loud fireworks!!
Funny little girl!!
The kids chasing after the flying parachute army men!

Sariah playing one of the games!
Need I say more!
All the boys just chillin watching to fireworks! Sammi in the background!

My little man and I!
Spencer and Nick starting being a little scary with the fireworks! lol!
All the little ones with there sparklers!