Thursday, November 18, 2010


So this will be the first year I am sending out Christmas cards!! I am very excited!! Spencer and I have been married almost 5 1/2 years and cant believe this will be my first year ever doing cards!! I was going to send some Christmas Cards out that I already had where I have to insert the picture in the card and hope that the card still weighed enough where I had to only have use one stamp. Well I have decided to order my Christmas cards this year off of Shutterfly!!! I just love shutterfly!! I have already looked over ALL there Christmas Cards! I loved them all and in the end had to choose from 8 cards (no joke)!! I found the one I am going to use! All I have to do is upload the picture and put in our last name and I am done!! I am so excited for these to be our very first Christmas cards!! I have made numerous calenders on shutterfly and sent them out as gifts for Christmas and boy were they a hit!! You can check them out here - Shutterfly makes it so easy! Anyone can do it even if your not too good on the computer! Here is a link to there Christmas photo cards go check all they have to offer!
Also if you just click the link below!!! Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly!! I love Shutterfly!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting So Big!!!

So when Spencer gets home this is what he gets every time!! Little Spencer RUNS and I mean RUNS as fast as he can to greet him!! It is the cutest thing ever. The girls do it too but I caught this one and took a quick picture!! As I took the picture little Spencer said "Cheese!!" It was the cutest thing ever!! It was the first time we have ever heard him say that!! I think he picked up on it when we had family pictures last week!! I cant believe how big he is getting!! He is such a joy to have around!! He almost always has a big smile on his sweet little face!! Today little Spencer kept trying to climb behind the TV. I would shake my head to him and say "No No No little buddy, we don't get behind the TV" well tonight after big Spencer got home he tried doing it again, we were watching him and when he noticed that we were watching he starting shaking his head back and forth like I had been!! Its just so crazy how fast he is growing and how he is picking up on everything!! We just love our little man and love sitting back and watching him do and say new things!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Cute Kiddos!!!

I just had to include these pictures in our blog!! Our little kiddos bring so many smiles to our faces day after day!! They are just the cutest little kiddos!! We love watching them as they grow and try new things!! Its so funny watching them- The girls are so girlie and Spencer is all boy!! I love being a stay at home mom!! I am so thankful for Spencer's hard work that allows me to stay home with our children!! I wont lie some days are hard but the good days make up for the hard ones!! I am just so blessed to be the mother of these cute little kiddos!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday JoJo!!!

Our little JoJo turned 3 on November 5th!!! She has been waiting patiently for her Birthday ever since Sammi had hers! LOL! We didn't have a big party and have actually decided to wait for the big parties when they turn 6! Okay enough of that! Spencer made Sariahs cake the night before! I have a picture on my phone and need to upload it, but he did a great job!!! I got home from my RS leadership meeting and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the cake!! WOW!!! All day on Friday Sariah kept opening the fridge and would just stare at her pretty cake!! It was a princess cake she would say!! That evening we had pizza and cake! The Lymans stopped over and celebrated with us!! Grandma Abby made Sariah the cute pink Aurora dress! Sariah is growing up so fast!! She is are little spit fire that's for sure!! She has such a big funny little personality and LOVES the color pink. Her favorite movie is Barbie Mermaid Tale she would watch that movie 10x a day if we let her lol! She loves playing with her sister and for the most part they get along well! You ask her who her best friend is and she says " Sammi" She loves to change her clothes a billion times a day - again if I let her! She just loves playing dress up!! I can tell she is going to be are little girl that just loves clothes!!! lol! We cant believe she is already 3 she is growing up so fast and amazes us on all she can do!! Sariah had her 3 year check up as well. Here are her stats!!! She is 38 in. tall which puts her in the 75 percentile and weighs 42 pounds which puts her in the 95 percentile. She has only gained one pound in the whole year and just continues to get taller!! We are blessed to have a healthy little girl. We are so thankful to be her parents and are very proud of our sweet little JoJo!! Happy Birthday Sariah JoJo!!! Ready to have some Birthday cake!!

Ready to make a wish!
Princess Sariah!!

Opening her presents!

Checking out her new Barbie light up dress up shoes!

Her new Aurora dress that Grandma Abby made!

Sariah's Go's to School!!!

This month Sariah started three rec-center classes! On Mondays she goes for and hour and half and on Wed. she goes for 45min. She is on the waiting list for the preschool but it doesn't look like she will be getting in this school year. We had to wait until she turned 3 before she could start. The rec-center classes have turned out to be great!!! Her teachers name is Mrs. Heather!! I am so happy we signed her up!! It has definitely been worth it!! She is learning about colors, shapes, the alphabet and doing an art class where she learns to use scissors and glue and so forth! But best of all she is having fun doing educational activities. She is also learning to sit in her chair for longer periods of time and doing most of the stuff that a preschool has to offer just shorter time frames. I know some parents who say preschool is a waste but I beg to differ. You as a parent can continue to teach them on an everyday basis but why not expand that! Yes she already knows her ABC's and knows lots of colors and shapes but why not give children a head start in a classroom setting!! I am able to also spend that time with little Spencer, one on one!! The week before school we took her to go pick out her little backpack! She couldn't decide on whether to get the Tinker Bell or the Princess backpack! In the end she picked the Tinker Bell!! Here's are cute little JoJo on her way to class!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

This Halloween we were down in Bakersfield. We had Grandpa Taylor's funeral so Spencer got Monday morning off and we were able to to go trick or treating with the family!! The girls were in heaven with all there cousins and all the candy!!! When we got back to the house we had to check Sariah's bucket of candy. Out of her whole bucket there was only about 4 pieces of candy she could have, thank goodness Grandpa had bought candy to pass out that didn't contain any nuts so we put in a couple handfuls in her bucket and she was good to go!! The kids looked so cute in there costumes. Grandma Abby made the girls costumes!! Aren't they soo cute!! I bought Spencer's costume for $4.00 dollars at Children's place! He was a cute little Spider:) There cousins all looked soo good in there costumes. I was sad that I didn't get any pictures of Mauris kids dang it!! Well here are the pictures from our Halloween fun!!!

Us on Halloween!!!! I love my family!!!

We have the cutest kids!! Dont you just love the girls witch faces, while Spencer is going to town on his sucker!!!

Our sassy little witch!

Enjoying all there candy!

Taylor and Sadie

Ellie and Hayden!

The Urmston clan!! Can you believe Mom and Jaime made all those costumes!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grandpa Taylor

On October 26th Spencer's Grandpa passed away. We were very excited that he was once again reunited with his sweetheart Grandma Taylor. We were able to go down to Bakersfield to attend his funeral. This was my very first LDS funeral and I have to say it was a wonderful and beautiful as a funeral can be. I learned a lot about Grandpa Taylor that day. We all laughed and cried! What a great man he was. My testimony was definitely strengthend that weekend! We are soo happy to be and eternal family and so happy that one day we too will be reunited with him again!!

Pumpkin Patch!!

We were able to visit the pumpkin patch twice this year! The kids loved it as usual!! The first time we went at night, the second time we went with a friends play group. Here are some pictures of there fun time!!! Being silly!
Loving the animals!!

Loving the animals!!!
Spencer hanging out in his stroller! He wanted in on all the action!!

Sammi loves all rides!!

Sammi and Anais (my neighbor)

The kids on the train ride, Anaise wasn't to sure about it though

Weekend With The Lymans!!

General conference weekend Sunni and Nick came down along with Nick and Steve's parents to visit!! They all stayed at Tracy and Steve's. We headed over there that Saturday and barbecued!! All the kids had so much fun! We all had a lot of fun!! The girls got to go out for a bit before the men headed to the priesthood session!!! The girls fell in love with Nick and Steve's mom Louise. Within min. they were calling her Grandma Louise! So cute!! We had a fun filled weekend and cant wait for more visits!!! We love the Lyman's!!! Spencer with all the kids in the hot tub!!
Watching a movie!!

Just hanging out!!

Oaklee and Sammi cuddled up with Grandma Louise!

Visiting Daddy and A Day At the Park

Sammi and Sariah school is right by Spencer's job site so we like to stop by and for a quick hello!! The kids love it and its fun to see the progress on the building that is going up!! It is going to be one of the tallest in old Henderson!! The kids love going to the park so one day we met Spencer there for a quick lunch. The kids loved playing with there daddy on all the toys! Here are some pictures from our days out and about!! Sariah and her Daddy!!
Spencer waving hi to me!!

Sammi on the swing!

Sariah and Spencer playing on the swing (that outfit she has on is one of her favorites, Spencer's mom made it for her and she would wear it every day if I let her lol)

Spencer going through the tunnel! He loved this park because they hat toys that he was able to explore on!!

Spencer's First Story Time!

As you know we love story time!!! Spencer had his very first Story Time this past September! He loved it!! Our local library has the best story time, they fill up so fast that I have to set my phone to remind me the first day of registration! Spencer always laughs at me but if you don't sign up the first day don't count on getting in!!! I am excited to continue going and watch my kids enjoy some fun library times!!! Spencer's library teacher is Mrs. Linda she has had both Sammi and Sariah in her class and has watched them as they grow! They all know my children by name, I am hoping its a good thing lol!! Here are some pictures of our little man in his first very first story time!!

Sammi's 4year and Spencers 1 year check up!

In September we had Sammi and Spencer's check up. We were able to go back to the Dr.'s office that I really liked since Spencer's job switched insurances!! I am soo happy to be back there where I feel the Dr. actually knows what he is talking about not only that he has patience seeing they work with children!! I have the kids seeing a great Dr. who actually thoroughly checks them, I know it sounds weird but our other Dr. did not do that he would just scan them over and do more talking then anything else. Okay enough of the rant on our old Dr.!! Both Sammi and Spencer are healthy and growing like they should be!! Sammi was brave and had to get some immunizations, she is all set until she turns 11!!! Spencer had to get his 1 year immunizations and took them like a champ too!!! Such brave little ones!!! Here are there stats!
Sammi- weighs 32 pounds and is in the 24-50 percentile. Height- 38.65 in. and is in the 25 percentile.
Spencer- weighs 21.13 pounds and is in the 50 percentile. Height-29 1/2 in. and is in the 50 percentile and his head circumference is 46cm which puts him in the 50 percentile
We are soo thankful to have healthy children. I truly believe it is a blessing!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spencer Walking!

Our little guy is walking!!! Yay!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mikey and Larissa's Sealing!!

Soo I am better late then never, but Mikey and Larissa were sealed what two months ago in the LA Temple!! We were able to go take part in there beautiful day!! We are truly happy for them to unite as an eternal family!!! There sealing was absolutely beautiful!! My dad helped watch the kids while we were in the endowment session and the sealing so a big thank you to him!! Spencer and I had never done a session in the LA Temple so we were pretty excited about that!! I cant wait to go back!!! Before we headed home we stopped to hang out with Jerrol and Jaylnn at the Santa Monica Pier!! Sariah was asleep almost the entire time, but Sammi was soo excited to ride on a couple rides!!! Here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend!! One big family!!!
Grandma Abby and Sariah
Sariah being silly!
All the little girls thought Larissa was a princess!! Sammi and Sariah still call her Auntie Larissa the princess lol!!

little Spencer
Sariah passed out!!
Sammi getting ready for her ride!
So brave!!
Loving it!!

She is so cute!!

Daddy and his baby boy!!