Friday, December 14, 2007

Sammi and Sariah!

Sariah starting to smile!
Sammi playing in Sariah's swing

Big eyes!!

Sammi's new hiding spot!

Chubby face!

Our new Puppy!

Ok so Joey Porter gave Spencer a puppy!! The puppy got here on Thursday after a long 12 hour flight. The dog was so hyper I thought I was going to pull my hair out!! Sammi was not sure of the puppy at first but today she was getting used to him! Sammi playing in the dogs kennel

Train Ride!!

Last weekend we went with some friends to Boulder City which is about 20 min from here to ride the train with Santa Clause. It was a lot of fun, but super cold!! Sammi poseing for a quick picture!

Sammi and Santa

Family Picture

Sammi and Mrs. Clause

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our beautiful home!

Our beautiful new stove!! I love it! Thank you everyone!!
Our living room!

Our beautiful new carpet!

Ok so this is Sariah's room, you cant really tell but it is pink. I will post more pictures when I get everthing moved in there. Sammi was sleeping so I didnt get any pictures of her cute little room, but will post more!

Our hallway

Ok so this is the wall that the stage was on and where the makeshift pantry was. Look how different it looks!!

Our living room! It is so beautful I love our new tile!

Our Extreme Makeover!

This past week we were so blessed to have dad and Mikey at our home to help us make our home liveable! They worked soo hard day and night! We couldnt have done it without them! We are so grateful for all there wonderful work they did. We all had so much fun! Especially at night when we would all just relax and watch TV!! I have never laughed soo much! We miss them so much already and cant wait until there next visit! Sammi working hard!
Ha ha! tring to shut the blinds without stepping on the tile!

Taking a break so pose for the camara

Helping Grandpa!

Father and son!