Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blessing The Food!!

In August Sammi blessed the food for the first time!! It was the cutest thing ever!! Yes I cried!!! She has such a sweet little spirit about her and we are so happy she is learning by our example! Spencer looked over at her when we sat down and she always says "Pray" so he asked her if she would like to bless the food that night! she said in her sweet little voice "Otay" and Spencer began to tell her what to say and she would repeat it!! We are so happy are little Sammi is growing and learning so well!! Mommy and Daddy love you Sammi!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sariah's 9 Month Check Up!!

On Aug 17 we went to Sariah's 9 month checkup!! She didn't have to have any shots this visit!! Yeah!! She did have to have one little prick to check her iron which of course didn't phase her sweet little spirit!! Sariah is always such a happy little girl not much makes her cry! She is growing like a little weed, although she did lose a couple of pounds from last visit!! Which puts her and Sammi a pound apart again, although Sariah weighs less this time! Sariah is crawling like a pro and is standing up and walking along EVERYTHING!! Her new thing is standing all by herself not holding onto anything!! She is going to be walking in no time!! She loves to clap and loves to wave to her daddy!! She loves when we read to her too!! She loves to follow Sammi around the house, Sammi will go running down the hall to her room and right behind her will be Sariah crawling as fast as she possibly can!! What a blessing she is!! Well here are her stats!! Sariah is 28 inches tall which puts her in the 50-75 percentile, she weighs 22.4 pounds which puts her in the 90-95 percentile, and her head circumfrance is 45cm, which puts her in the 75 percentile! We love you Sariah Jo!!

Sammi's 2 Year Check Up!

On Aug 17, we also had Sammi's 2 year checkup!! I still cant believe are little girl is already 2!! Her checkup went great! She wasn't too fond of the Dr. sticking that tongue depressor thing in her mouth but other than that she did great!! She had to have one shot, but now she is all up to date and does not have to have anymore until she is 5! Well I take that back she will have to have her normal yearly flu shot but that's it!! Sammi is growing up so fast! I know she is only 2 but it seems like she is doing something new each day!! She loves to sing and dance around the house!! She loves to play dress up and loves to play pretend with her kitchen and her dolls and with her princess!!She is talking so much more now, we can understand a lot of what she is saying!! It is so cute to listen to her talk!! She still loves to be read to and is still enjoying story time at our public library!! She is having a lot of fun learning the alphabet, her numbers and colors!! She is enjoying having her little sister to play with too, We are learning to share!! ha ha!! She sometimes has a hard time with that, but we know she will get the hang of it!! She loves her daddy daughter days as well and loves wrestling with her daddy!! She too is such a blessing!! Here are her stats!! She is growing so fast!! Sammi is 33 1/2 inches in height, that puts her in the 25-30 percentile, She weighs 23.8 pounds and that puts her in the 10-25 percentile, and her head circumference is 46 cm which puts her in the 10-25 percentile!! We love you Sammi Ann!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sammi!!

On August 16 our little Sammi turned 2!! We cant believe it!! These past two years have gone by so fast and we now understand when our parents say it goes by so fast so enjoy it now!! Sammi had a wonderful birthday!! We went down to Bakersfield and had a big party for her!! The whole family was there minus Mikey and my side of the family but they were all missed, but we still had a great time! Mom and Sunni went and got all kinds of decorations and party bags for the kids!! Sammi truly had a great birthday! She still talks about it!! Thank you everyone for all her cute gifts and making it such a wonderful day for her We love you guys so much!! Also while we were there Sammi swam in the pool with floaties all by herself for the first time!! Yeah!! Way to go Sammi!! We love you our little Sammicans!!Aunt Jaime made these cute cupcakes!! She did and awesome job!! Thanks Aunt Jaime!!

Sammi blowing out her Birthday candles!!

Sammi opening up her presents with the help of her cute cousins!!

This is the bike Spencer picked out for her!! You should have seen her when he came out with it!! It was hilarious!! She was super excited!!

Already dressed up in her new Birthday gifts!! She Loves to play dress up!!

I wouldn't be a party without a jump house!!

Luke, Sammi and Grandma enjoying a Popsicle!

Jumping to Daddy!

Swimming with the cousins!!

Sammi showing off some of her moves by floating on her back!

Joey's Jersey!

So Spencer has had Joeys signed jersey for some time now, actually since last year!! My moms boyfriend Pat knows a guy that does the framing for all his jerseys so we were going to surprise Spencer and get his jersey done, well I snuck and took it out there when I went to visit last time, but chickened out that Spencer would be upset with me, like what if it got lost when they mailed it back or something? I can be such a worry wart sometimes! So I told him and asked if it was alright!! He laughed at me when I told him how I was worried about it!! So they got it done for him and mailed it off!! So here it is!! It is really nice, and Spencer LOVES it and hopes to add more to his collection!! Thank you Mom and Pat it looks really nice!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mornings With The Taylor Family Part 2!!

Back a little while ago I posted about our mornings here in our home!! Sammi was waking up super cranky for a couple of weeks so I decided to blog about it! Well after those hard two weeks of her waking up on the wrong side of the bed she has gone back to being her happy, cheery little self in the morning!! She yells for me so I know she is awake, which brings a smile to my face many mornings!! Sometimes she yells for everyone if I am slow at getting in there!! I go in and get her and she is usually jumping up and down with excitement!! See the picture there is my proof!! ha ha. Don't you just love the bed head too!! Well Sariah is still always happy in the morning she actually is happy most of the time!! Sariah does get really excited when I walk in and starts rolling around with excitement!! So there you have it another happy ending with the Taylor family!!

Sariah's Teeth!!

Ok so many of you know that USUALLY when babies get there first teeth, they get them in a certain order right? Well not this little girl!! Sariah got her two bottom teeth as normal, but instead of getting her two top front teeth next she has one of her canine teeth coming in along with one front tooth on the other side!! Poor child!! I told Spencer she must get that from him!! Ha ha!! We are not worried about it or anything I just thought it was funny that she was going to have teeth in speratic places until the others come in!! She still is the cutest baby ever though!!

Logans Visit!!

In June my little sister Logan or Lo Lo as we call her came to visit us for a week!! She flew here by herself for the first time from California! We had so much fun!! We really didn't do anything special but just being able to hang out and mess around was such a blast!! We loved having her here, and Sammi had a ball too!! Its so funny no matter where we go for some reason if Sammi sees a young girl with blond hair she assumes its Logan and starts yelling Lo Lo!! The other day we were listening to music on the TV and the person that is singing the song will show on the screen, so Hillary Duff came on and Sammi starts yelling "Lo Lo, theirs Lo Lo" its is so funny!! We had so much while Logan was here and cant wait for her next visit out here!!I think Logan was a little tired of me taking pictures, what do you think?
Logan and Sariah
Sammi helping Logan blow up Sariah's swim toy

Sammi and Logan coloring
Sammi giving Logan goodbye hugs
Spencer and Logan battling it out in Guitar Hero

Talking On The Phone Already!!

Look who already loves the phone!! Sariah is so funny, everyday she goes right to the phone and puts it up to her ear! I cant figure out where she gets it from!! Ha ha She is so cute! I just love watching her and all the new things she does! I remember when Sammi started with the phone, she used to walk around with a phone (not much has changed!!) and when she couldn't find a phone she would put her hand up there instead! But now Sammi has three phones and has to have one with her at all times!!

Yummy Lasanga!!

So the other night we had Lasagna. This was not the first time Sariah had lasagna, but it was the fist time she had it like this!! Spencer looked over at me while we were all eating and said "maybe we should have fed it to her?" then we just laughed!! She had is EVERYWHERE!! So we had to pull the camera out and share our funny dinner night!!

Sariah's First Swim!!

So in June when Sariah was 7 1/2 months old yes that isn't a typo, we took her out for her first swim!! She loved it!! It wasn't a surprise to us, there isn't much that she doesn't like she is such a sweet easy going little girl!! Here are some of the pictures from our fun day!

Lake Mead!!

In July we went out to the Lake Mead with the Martins. Stephanie and her fiance' were in town so we got to hang out with them too! We all had so much fun! We went jet skiing and tubing and played in the mud as you can see below! I had so much fun tubing and cant wait to do it again! Sammi had so much fun riding on the jet ski with her Daddy and playing in the mud!! Sariah had a good time too she thought it was real funny to try to put the dirt in her mouth!! Here are some pictures of our fun time!!

Sammi playing in the mud!
Daddy and Sammi on the jet ski!
Sammi and David
Fun times at the lake!!
Stephanie and Sariah!

Spencer's Hike With The Deacons!!

In June Spencer went on a overnight camping trip with his Deacons. They hiked a total of 12 miles, 6 miles up and 6 miles down. The day they left they hiked into the night 10:oopm to be exact, but then had to stop because it was too dark to hike anymore! Luckily all the kids remembered there sleeping bags this time so Spencer didn't have to give his up!! So they camped and started up again in the morning. Spencer was real tired when he got home he slept most the rest of the day!! Here are some pictures of his camping trip! Here is Spencer before the hike!
Spencer and some of the boys!

This is the abandoned miners cabin that was kept up by the scouts they hiked to
Spencer and the boys

Spencer after the hike!!

4th of July!!

For the 4th of July we went over to the Martins to celebrate! We had so much fun we had dinner over there, jumped on the trampoline and watched some fireworks! Sammi had a lot of fun up until we started doing the fire works!! Many of you know that Sammi isn't afraid of much but boy she did NOT like the fire works! I took her inside to see if that would help and that way she could still watch from the window but she wasn't having it!! We then made a second attempt to try it again, but no luck!! So Rene took her back inside and they hung out! Sariah on the other hand enjoyed the the fire works! She just sat back and watched!! All full and tuckered out after dinner!!
Sammi loves David and David loves Sammi it is so cute to see them together! David asked us if he could be Sammi's god parent and Spencer responded well what about Sariah? David looked at him and Spencer said that's a packaged deal! We all got a good laugh
Sariah and Rene enjoying the fire works!

Daddy holding Sammi who is not to sure about the fire works!

Enjoying the fire works, well some of them!

Daddy Daughter Day!!

So this month Spencer and Sammi had a daddy daughter day as Spencer calls it! (he's so cute) They started out by going to the airport and watching the planes!! Sammi LOVES airplanes!! She is so funny, the planes fly by our house somewhat anyways, and Sammi goes crazy every time yelling PLANE!! So Spencer decided it would be fun to take her on a little outing and go watch the planes take off and land!! They had a really good time and Spencer said she loved it!! She was so cute when she walked in the door she instantly said "mommy plane!!" After that they went to the store to buy stuff to make cookies!! They were so cute making them, Spencer was cracking me up as they made them!! They then ended there little day with a movie!! I am so excited for our girls to be able to have daddy daughter days in the future they are going to love it!!

Home For Lunch!!

So this past month or so Spencer's job site has been real close to our house so he has been able to come home for lunch or sometimes we would go meet him at the park next to his job site!! The girls have loved it and me too!! Everyday around the time he should be here Sammi starts asking for him if he is running a little late!! It is so cute!! We are so happy to be able to enjoy our lunches with him!! The girls trying to eat his lunch!! (Dont you love Sammi's hair in this picture?)
Sammi wanting Daddy to play in the water with her!!

Sammi enjoying the sprinkler park!!

Showing Daddy the water!

Daddy and his little girl!!