Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well this is it! If you have known me for awhile you know that I do not wear Wranglers ever! But as you other married men know your wife can make you do funny things, embarrassing even! Yes Mikey I have on Wranglers now just keep this a secret. Shanti and I went shopping for a stake mixer called the "Hoe Down" and we were all supposed to dress in western wear so we hit up DI because I have no cowboy gear. We found this whole outfit for 20 bucks snake skin boots and all. Those are 34 Wranglers I can't remember ever wearing 34's and the shirt is wrangler too. Shanti picked out every thing and was pretty proud of her self. I can't believe people really dress like this. Anyway It was fun and get your laughs in. The butt shot was blurry thank the man up stairs.

Brenden and Michelle

Matt and Emil Our friends Jeff and Andrea Us on the Hay ride

The night was ok, Shanti and I had more fun getting ready for the deal than at the thing but any reason to go out is cool.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spencer's Newest Jersey!!

So I realized I never posted a picture of Spencer's newest jersey that he got from Joey!! This was Spencer's Christmas present from my mom and Pat, they had if framed for him! I know he has already thanked both of you, but he really LOVES it!! We put it on the other side of the TV, I have to say they both look real nice hanging in our living room!! Spencer already wants more and let me know what wall in our room is already taken for the next jersey!! What a funny guy he is!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Love Our Girls!!

I just wanted to write how much we love these two little girls!! They are such a joy in our lives and they bring lots of smiles and laughes to us each and everyday!! They are both such great blessings in our lives and we thank our heavenly father each and everyday for blessing us with them! Sariah age 1
Sammi age 2

Spencer Is Quite The Baker These Days!!

So every weekend the last couple of weeks Spencer has been quite the baker!! The girls are loving it!!! This weekend he made cupcakes on Saturday and cookies on Sunday! They were both real yummy!! We have this dessert tray that goes back and forth between another couple in our ward so we decorated these cute cupcakes and headed over to there house to drop them off!! Spencer makes killer cupcakes and I told him for Sammi's Birthday in August he will be helping to make her ice cream cupcakes!! Here are some fun pictures of my baker man!! Quite proud of his creations, and he should be!! They looked great and were yummy too!!
Sammi all smiles!!
I was trying to get her to look at the camera and this is the look I got!! ha ha
Sariah enjoying her cupcake!!
Look at those cupcakes!!!

The Girls New Playhouse and Slide!!

So a couple of weeks ago Spencer ran to the store to get some things and came upon this cute little playhouse that someone was getting rid of!! He was in the car so there was no way he could get it in there even though it was all in pieces. So he came home and told me about it and I told him to go back and get it in his truck!! I was so excited because I knew the girls would just LOVE it!! So he did, he was kinds worried all the pieces weren't there but to our surprise they were!! The girls love it and play in it a majority of the day!! We have it set up in our house until we get our backyard done and it is working out great!! We even looked it up online to see how much they cost and it was $300 at Toys R Us!! What a bargain!!! And one Sunday on our way home from church I saw a house on the street over from ours, were throwing out a slide and a little picnic table, so I asked if he would mind if we took it, he said of course take it!! His kids had just grown out of the two, the slide was in GREAT condition but I ended up just throwing away the picnic table it has some cracks in it. So now we have a little slide in our living room! Its great though because it has been pretty windy out and the girls just love being able to have a slide in the house! Its pretty cute!! We looked that one up online at Toys R Us and they were asking $100.00 for it!! I am so happy we got both for free!! Score for us!!!