Monday, May 26, 2008

Sariahs Photo Shoot!!

For Memorial Day weekend we went up to Sunni and Nicks house to hang out. We had such a wonderful time!!! Sunni took these awsome pictures of Sariah and Logan. She did such a wonderful job!! I have more pictures to post of our fun weekend, which I will do tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smelling The Flowers!!

My Sweet Sammi

Ok so after I posted that blog this morning about mornings at our home, I have been feeling bad all day about it. I made it look like Sammi was this nightmare child, and she is so far from that! She just isn't a morning person sometimes! Sammi is truly a sweet heart. She brings smiles to my face all day long, and is such a wonderful sister to Sariah. Sammi shows affection to everything in sight as many of you know! I took the picture above this afternoon, she loves flowers! Every time we come home from somewhere she goes right to that bush to pick a flower!! I love you Sammi.

Potty Update!!

Ok so it is week two of potty training!! Sammi is doing GREAT!! Last week I kept praying for more and more patience!! The first week was a little frustrating but we worked through it!! On Saturday Sammi had her first whole day with no accidents!! YEAH Sammi!!! She only has about two accidents a day which is great for it being only week two! Her biggest thing is she doesn't want to take the time out from playing to go potty! We are working on it though. We are super proud of her, she is adjusting really well to the BIG change!! She is such a smart little girl, this morning she just started to tell me when she has to go, instead of telling me when she has to tinkle she says poopoo, I am fine with that for right now!! Whatever works to get her to the potty in time!! We love you Sammi!!

Mornings at the Taylor's!!

I just wanted to share with everyone how our mornings are here in the Taylor home!! The morning usually begins anywhere between 6-7am lately it has been 6:15-6:30. This morning Sariah woke up first! This is what I saw when I went in! Sariah is always soo happy in the morning, she alwas has a smile on the cute little face which then brings a big smile from me! Then Sammi soon after starts yelling Mommy, this is what I saw when I went in to go get her!! It is usually like that every morning! I keep trying to figure out where she gets that from??( be quiet Spencer and Mom ) Ok I will admit it! Like mother like Daughter!! About twice a week I get smiles in the morning from my sweet Sammi!! I am learning patience!!
Here is Sammi waiting for her breakfast!
Almost better!!
And there you have it breakfast is served!
Now that's better!!
Here is Sariah waiting for her breakfast!! (Sammi take some notes)
Still Happy!!
So there you have it! Mornings with the Taylor Family!! I love my girls so much and there sweet little spirits that shine all day long!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so when I was blogging about Sariah's 6 month check up I accidently wrote that the Dr. said I was over feeding her, it was supposed to say that I was NOT overfeeding her!! sorry about the mistake!!

Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!! I sure did. My sweet husband got me a new stereo for my car that I can hook my ipod up to it! Some jerk stole our face plate to our old stereo right out of our car sometime during the night a couple of days before so I had been driving around in silence well not really I have the girls in the back seat and Sammi and I would sing songs together!! And little Sammi made me this beautiful necklace in nursery, I was super excited because it was my first mothers day present from my little girl!! I now fully understand what my mom meant when she would tell me when I was younger that the best presents are the ones that you make!! I had such a wonderful Mothers day, I told Spencer that there was no need to get me anything that just being called mommy was the best gift I could ever get!! I sure LOVE being a mom it is such a wonderful blessing that I am soooo grateful for!! I thank my heavenly father daily for blessing me with two beautiful little girls!!

Saturday Night Fun!!

On Saturday night our good friends JR and Brynn came to town from Utah with there little girl Haley! So a group of us met up at the Cheescake Factory for some dinner. After dinner we went on the new carousel at the District. We all had a blast!! We are super excited for the Bell's to move closer!! Just the girls, Amanda, me, Brynn and Cori
Just they guys, Scott, Ryan, JR and SpencerBrynn and Haley!!
Brado and Cori !!
Spencer, Haley and Sariah! Haley and Sariah are only 10 days apart!
Sammi and I! Dont you love the look on Sammi's face?
Eating some cheescake!!

Sammi riding on the carousel! She loved it!!
Sammi and Daddy!!
Daddy and Sariah!
Sariah loved the carousel too, she was going crazy as you can see in the picture below!!
Brado and Scott!

Carousel Fun!!

I thought everyone would get a kick out of watching this video of Spencer riding on the carousel with Sammi!! Spencer looked so funny riding on it!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

God could not be everywhere, and so he gave us mothers. We love you both!! May your Mothers Day be as wonderful as you both. We love you and miss you so much!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sariah in Action!!

Here is Sariah in action!!

Sariah Jo is 6 months old!!!!

Today we went for Sariah's 6 month check up!! Spencer got to go too, so he heard it for himself from the Dr. that I am NOT over feeding her!!! She got two shots today and did GREAT!! She didn't even flinch when they gave her the shots, she just stared at me!!! She is the best baby ever!!! I took the picture below right when we got home!! I cant believe it has already been 6 months!! She is rolling everywhere as you can see in the video above and even tries to get up on her knees!! She is such a blessing!! We love you Sariah Jo! Oh I almost forgot here are her stats!! Her height is 25in she is in the 25-50% She weighs 20lbs 10 oz. and is in the 95% and her head is 43 cm and is in the 50-75%

Stephanie's Visit

On April 22 Stephanie came to visit, for those who don't know who Stephanie is she is my half sister from my dad in New York. She traveled here to Las Vegas all by herself (she's only 14) from New York. We didn't do much while she was here its a little hard when you have two kids who take naps! but we did get to go to the drag races which she had never been to before, we also went to Circus Circus for a birthday party and we went to the top of the stratosphere but we were all to chicken to ride any of the rides. Other than that we just hung out, went to the park and went on walks, oh and I took her shopping so she could spend her babysitting money she brought with her! I think she was bored:( But that's the life of a mom with two kids under 2!! But here are some pictures, my camera was out of batteries the whole time she was here, and we kept forgetting to get some from the store, but here are some!
That's us at the top of the Stratosphere
Stephanie and Sammi who had just woken up from a nap!

Stephanie and Sariah posing for a picture!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Potty Time!!

Our little girl is getting soo big!! Yesterday and this morning Sammi kept taking off her diaper. So I thought maybe she was trying to tell me something! So I let her keep it off and kept taking her to the potty. When I was getting dressed this morning I saw that she had the poop look on her face so I asked her if she had to go poop and she nodded her head yes, so we hurried to the bathroom and I said ok go poopoo and I walked out and then I heard this plunk plunk and Sammi yelled "Alright" I went back in and sure enough she went poop!!! I started jumping up and down clapping and saying yeah, she was super excited and started clapping too!! So I think the potty training has begun! She had only 3 accidents today but has gone in the potty about 3 times now!! We went and got her some big girl underwear and some pull ups too!! She was quite excited to pick out her new underwear, although she was a little sad that they didn't have Elmo in her size! I just cant believe how big she is getting!! Our little girl is getting so big so fast!