Friday, January 25, 2008

Reading to her baby sister!

Last night I decided to pull out the Bumbo Chair, yes I know they have been recalled, but I dont plan to set my child on a high surface and walk away!! But anyways I set Sariah in Sammi's room while I was cleaning it up, I looked over and this is what I saw!! I had to run and get the camara it was just too cute! I thought Sariah would be a little young for the chair yet, but she LOVES it!!

More X-Box!

Ok so here is another picture of Sammi playing x-box this time she even got to wear the headset!! Its so funny, I was looking back at all my blogs and you can tell I take the most pictures in the morning and at night, seeing my children are always in there PJ's!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas Family Pictures

Ok so my mom has been wanting family pictures for YEARS!! We were all together this last Christmas and we made it happen!! We had such a wonderful time with my mom and family this holiday season! I miss all of them soo much and cant wait to go visit again!! Love you mom!

Too Cute!

Bath Time!

Sariah is getting so big!! She is such a chubby little baby, she is so different looking than Sammi Spencer and I just laugh!! She LOVES to eat!!

Sariah Jo

Ok so this is the funniest video, you have to listen real carefully towards the end!! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Daddy and Sammi playing X-Box

Sammi loves to pretend she is playing x-box with her daddy!!

Sariah and Daddy

I thought this was the cutes picture!! Sariah loves her Daddy

Sammi and Sariah

Lately Sammi has been wanting to hold Sariah all the time! It is the cutest thing ever. She loves her sister so much!! I swear by this summer they will be in the same size clothes!!

Sariah and Uncle Jesse

Here is Sariah and her Uncle Jesse at my moms house on Christmas. I will post some more picutes of Chrismas as soon as I pick them up from Costco. Yes I am a little behind!! Sorry

Sammi and Caster

So as a lot of you know we changed the dogs name to Caster! Spencer used to tell me that our first boys name was going to be Caster! HA HA I was like yeah right! So he decided to name the dog that instead! Thank goodness. Here's Sammi thinking that the dog is a horse! Pretty soon he is going to so big she really will be able to ride on him. He is so good with her and pretty much just layed there like what is she doing to me??

Getting Bigger and Bigger!

Ok so here is Sariah and Logan having some tummy time. Sariah is almost as big as her cousin who is two months older than her!! It is so funny how we all thought we were going to have another tiny little girl! Boy were we all wrong!!

A Winter Walk With Grandma

One afternoon we decided to take a walk to go see the ducks with grandma while in St. George. Sammi had a lot of fun trying to find the ducks that we never did find!! Here Grandma is showing her how to blow on those flower things, you know the white/clear ones that go everywhere when you blow them. She thought that was so much fun!!

Breakfast with Great Grandpa

When we went to St. George for New Years we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, every monring Sammi would have breakfast with great grandpa, here they are sharing some cherrioes!! We had a really good time visiting with them and cant wait to see them again!

New Years Weekend

Ok as many of you know we all went up to Sunni and Nicks for New Years!! We all had a blast especially Spencer!! He fell in love with the game Guitar Hero! He loved it so much he went and bought the game!! Thanks Kauner!!