Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sammi's 1 year pictures!!

Ok so we had Sammi's 1 year pictues taken about a month and a half ago, shows you how slow I am at posting things on my blog!! She was non stop the whole time while taking the pictures! Dont you just love the picture with the baseballs!! She wouldn't let them go!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trunk or Treat!!

Tonight we went to Trunk or Treat and boy Sammi was a hit!! She looked sooo darn cute in her costume! EVERYONE was taking pictures of her!! She had a lot of fun and had just a little candy but you would think she had more!!

Enjoying a little candy!!

Spencer's Miami Trip!!

This past weekend the guys (Spencer, Mikey, Michael and Nick) all went to Miami to see Joey and watch him play against the Patriots. They all had a blast and cant stop talking about it!! Here are some of the pictures of there unforgetable weekend!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Almost Done

Here I am 35 weeks pregnant!! I am almost done!! Sariah will be here before we know it! She has already tried to make an entrance into this world but the Dr.'s put a hault to that real quick! They take me off my medication in 9 days so she will come about the first week of November. We are so excited! Sammi just loves her mommies tummy too, she likes to play with my belly and give it kisses it is the cutes thing ever!!

Our New House

Well here it is! Our new house! Everyone has been patiently waiting for pictures!! We get to move in at the beginning of next month. We are so excited. We cant believe we are moving into our own home so soon! We have our work cut out for us but we are so blessed and cant wait!!
OK I think we are going to leave this room just the way it is!!! ha ha J/K. The prior owners loved Christmas A LOT!

Don't you just LOVE the stage in our living room! and the make shift pantry! Oh did I mention the prior owners LOVED the color green!

Here is our fireplace which Spencer just loves! J/K Spencer just says it reminds him of something that should be in a cabin!
Here is our kitchen which will soon be completely different with the help of dad and Mikey!!

Our backyard! We plan to take out those add on rooms so we will have an even bigger yard which the kids will just love!

More of the backyard, that little building right there is a little guest room which we plan to keep.

Weekend with the girls

The guys went to Florida so we decided to have a girls weekend here at our tiny little apartment. We all had a lot of fun! We did some shopping on Saturday and then came home and stuffed our faces with Baja Fresh! Sammi and Luke have been playing non stop, well between not feeling good that is! I cant wait to have anthoer girls weekend again! And there will def. be another one, the guys owe us big time!!!

Luke and Sammi sure love their new build a bears. Well actually I think Sunni and I had more fun dressing them. haha

Here's Sammi with one of the wigs that goes on the Build a Bear...she looked so funny! Sorry about the picture I tried to take it as fast as I could but she kept moving.
Sammi and Luke having fun reading books together.

Mommies little least when daddies not home.