Monday, September 22, 2008

Why didn't you tag me?

I guess I am not as cool as my brother , sisters, and wife but I am going to do it anyway.

3 Joys
1. My Girls
2. Trips with my best friend and brother Mikey
3. Racing

3 fears
1. Losing my Wife
2. Losing my family
3. The elephant man

3 current obsessions
1. Diet Mountain Dew
2. Eating
3. Football

3 regrets
1. Missing My Sister Sunni's Wedding
2. Not going on a Mission
3. Not applying myself in college

3 facts about me
1. I work construction like my father.
2. I snore like a bear.
3. I love some UFC! (Go Griffin!)

Well to give those left out guys a shot to get a word in I tag Jamo, Ryan Ainge, JR Bell, Micheal Urmston, Nick Lyman, Teddy Armijo and Scott Endrizzi

Monday, September 15, 2008

Company Pot Luck!!

In September we attended a company pot luck!! Boyd and Rene did a great job!! We had a blast here are some pictures from our good time!!! Rene and Boyd (our other family!)

Sariah and Boyds dad

One happy family!!

Carter and Sammi helping Derrick play some pool!

Sammi helping her daddy!!

Adina and Her hubby!!

Matt and Emily!!

Emily and Madilyn!

Jason and Beth!!

Michelle just chillin!!

Spencer and I!

Sariah and Madilyn playing!!

Sammi and Carter playing with the trains!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For Sammi's Birthday my mom got her into a gymnastics class!! It is actually a mommy and me class and she LOVES it!! Every Wed. morning she gets to pick out which leotard she wants to wear which she gets so excited about!! Her coaches name is Miss. Stacy and she is great with the kids!! She is learning all kids of stuff, not only gymnastics but they also teach them colors and the alphabet and how to take turns!! It is great!! She loves it and looks forward to it every week!! She is even trying to do some of the stuff at home!! She does have the " TA A DAA" down like a pro!! Thanks Mom!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!!

This past Labor Day weekend we had an house full!! On Thursday morning Jerrol and Tydus arrived!! The girls love when Jerrol comes to visit, and this was there first time along with mine, meeting Tydus. The girls fell in love with Tydus, they became buddies real fast!! On Friday morning Mikey T arrived!! Friday night Mom and Dad Taylor arrived!! The guys all headed out to the races Friday night to watch Roger Holder race!! On Sat. we all headed out to the outlets and did a little shopping before heading out to the races again! Mauri, Teddy and the kids arrived and came by and hung out for a bit. On Sat. night Dad and I headed out to the races to meet up with the guys and watch some racing, mom didn't want to go so she stayed and watched the girls!! Thanks mom!! On Sunday Sunni, Nick, and the boys arrived and we all just hung out and played a little Guitar Hero!! On Monday we all headed out to the Town Center mall! Later that evening we went and ate at the Rio buffet and then came back to the house and watched a movie and just hung out!! We had such a fun time with everyone, although we did miss Jaime, Michael and the kids! and Jalynn, Kasey, and Keller! We cant wait until we can all be together again!! Here are some of the pictures from our fun weekend!!
Sariah, Tydus and Sammi!!
Sammi playing with her Uncle Mikey!
Sammi and Mikey pretending they are sleeping!!
Sariah chillin with Uncle Mikey!!
Spencer and Zeke battling it out in Guitar Hero!!
Luke, Sunni and Sammi!!
Luke looking real cool in his shades!!
Spencer sporting a new look(isn't he cute!! it took me a min. to get used to his new look) with his Sammicans!!
Grandma Abby with her girls, Caelyn and Sammi!
Spencer and Mikey playing some Guitar Hero!!
Dad Taylor and Jerrol battling in Guitar Hero!
Sammi and Caelyn playing together!!

Even Sammi and Luke played Guitar Hero!!
Everyone there that weekend will get a kick out of this!! ha ha!!
Peeeee You!!

Our Beautiful Mural!!

So while everyone was here Labor Day weekend mom(Abby) and I ran to the store to get some stuff to snack on and left the girls with all the men!! The guys were watching TV and playing Guitar Hero as the girls played. Before we left Sammi had been coloring in one of her coloring books she decided to hide one her crayons as you can see below!! While we were shopping I get a call from Spencer saying I need to pick up one of those eraser pads because Sammi drew on the wall with a blue crayonl!! I was thinking it was just a little crayon on the wall!! But to our surprise it was a full on mural!! ha ha! Mom and I were trying to figure out how they didn't see her doing it!! She was in view of everyone!! That had to take a min. or two for that mural!! Ha ha!! I am just kidding!! I love giving Spencer a hard time!! I found some more on the window seal later that day!! We got it all off, well actually mom got it off! Thanks mom!! So here is Sammi's beautiful mural!!