Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter Pictures

This year for the kids Easter pictures I decided to have them taken with a REAL Easter bunny!! Brittany Busk with Brittany Busk Photography took these cute pictures!! The kids were soo excited about being able to hold the bunny!! All three did really good for the pictures but you can tell the last picture taken was of all three of them together, they had enough by then!! Spencers mom made the girls their cute dresses and bows and sent them for Easter!! The girls were soo excited to wear them!!!

Ready for church!!

Our church time was moved to 1:00pm this year and it is really hard when you have kids who take naps at that time!! So one Sunday the baby was sick so I told Spencer he had to stay home with him and I would take the girls to church. I got the girls all ready and then went back into my room to shower and get myself ready. I finished and came out and this is what I saw!! I am already looking forward to early church again!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bath Time!!

So this was the first time I ever attempted to give all three kids a bath at the same time!! I survived it!! Or should I say Spencer survived it! Ha Ha!! No but it really makes bath time easier now that I can just put all three in together!! The girls were soo excited baby brother could take a bath with them!!

Funny faces!!

And more funny faces while Spencer just chills in the bath!!!

6 months old!!

6 months old already!!! Spencer is still the sweetest baby ever!! Not to mention one cute baby!! You cant deny that!!!!! Yes I am very proud to have not only a sweet baby but a cute one too!!! Spencer has mastered rolling over, and loves to roll all over the the living room!! He loves to watch his sisters as they play and run around, his legs start going a mile a minute wishing he could just get up and run with them!! He is eating all baby foods now and we haven't found anything that he doesn't like!! Spencer is still the most easy going baby and just goes with the flow!! His smile just melts our hearts!! Here are his stats from his 6 month check up!! He weighs 17 pounds 10 oz, which puts him in the 25-50%. He is 25 1/2 inches tall, which puts him in the 10% and his head is 17 1/4 in which puts him in the 25%

"I hold baby brother!"

So one day I had just finished changing Spencer and I had left him on the middle of the bed that is in his room, he had not mastered rolling yet so I thought it was safe to leave him there real quick while I threw out the diaper! Well I had started to do something else and I could here this laughing in the room, I went in there and there was Spencer on the floor covered up and Sariah standing over him! At this point he was all smiles!! Sariah began to tell me how she was holding baby brother!! Yikes!! I ran to get my camera so I could take a quick picture, at that point Spencer had enough and began to cry!! I wonder what he was thinking when she picked him up?? She is strong enough to hold him but not sure if she just dragged him off the bed or what went down!!


Spencer and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple Temple Square was truly AMAZING!!!!

The Conference Center

In March we went to Spencer's cousin Ben's wedding in Salt Lake! I had never been up there so I was super excited to go!! Spencer's mom and dad came and watched the kids for us so we could go and make it a weekend trip with no kids!! Thanks mom and dad!!! Mikey and Larissa drove up with us and we met Sunni, Nick and the boys in St. George! We stayed at Nicks brother's house and the next day we got up and went over to Ben's house!! Can I first tell you I was amazed at all the Temples I saw just driving in norther Utah!! It was absolutely awesome!! That afternoon we went over to the wedding!! I finally got to meet Natalie Ben's now wife!! What a sweetheart she is!! We are soo happy for the two of them!! They had a nice ceremony and then we went over and took some pictures with them. After that we headed over to Temple Square which was everything I had imagined and more!!! We saw the Joseph Smith movie which was amazing to see all he went through!! After that we headed to the reception! The reception was at the cancer institute up on the hill and it had a beautiful view of the city!! We had a nice dinner and it was so good to be able to visit with everyone!! The next day was Sunday and we headed back over to Temple Square and did the whole tour over at both visitors center and at the conference center!! I had a wonderful time and already cant wait to go back and do the tour again!! There was so much to take in, in such a short weekend!! Here are some of our pictures from our wonderful weekend!!
Ben and Natalie Reber!!

Mikey and Larissa in front of the Salt Lake Temple

Spencer and I in front of the Mount Timpanogos Temple
Mikey and Larissa in front of the Mount Timpanogos Temple

It was soo bright out EVERYTHING was white!!!

Salt Lake Temple

Sunday, April 18, 2010


In February we went on a family cruise to the Bahamas!!!!! My grandmother turned 90 years old in January so we had a big Birthday bash for her!!! I had not seen most of my family from back east on my Dad's side in years!!!! It was wonderful!! Little Spencer was too young to go so Spencer's mom came and watched him for the week! I was sad he couldn't go:(Thank you soo much mom for watching him!! So Spencer and I along with the girls flew out to Florida to meet with the rest of the family!! My Aunt Mary's husband Chris picked us up from the airport and we met everyone at there house!! My brother Jesse surprised us all and was there when we went in the house!!!! My Dad and everyone showed up not much longer and it was soooo good to see everyone!!! The next day we headed to the boat to get started with the cruise!!! The Cruise was fun, but my favorite part was just being there with the family!!! It was so nice to be able to reconnect with everyone!! The weather was never nice enough to go swimming but that was okay, like I said just being together was great with me!!! My favorite spot that we went was Key West Florida! We were only there a day but I liked it better than the Bahamas!!! We missed Kai and Elizabeth, they couldn't come because Elizabeth was due withing weeks! Thank you Dad for all that you did!!! We will truly cherish those memories forever!!! Sorry for the picture overload!!Aunt Mary painting with Sariah


My Dad and I

Sammi and I

Sariah and Sammi with Grandpa


Our little family in front of the boat!!
My brother Jesse who had one to many!! ha ha just kidding!!!
My brother Jesse! Every time we would ask him to take a picture of us he would take one of himself first:)

Dad, Jesse, Robert,Chris and Spencer

Spencer and I
Spencer, Daniella, Stephanie, Robert and Sammi hanging out in the Bahamas!

Sariah passed out!!!
Robert, Lynn and Stephanie

My Dad and I

Robert and Spencer
Robert, Spencer and Dad

Stephanie, Lynn and I
Uncle Frank, Jesse and Dad

Stephanie, Me and Daniella
Spencer, Jesse and the girls in Key West

Our cute girls!

Robert and Sammi

Every night at dinner they would bring out a Birthday cake for my grandma!! Doesn't she look great for being 90 years old!!
Hanging out at dinner!

Robert, Dad and I in Key West!

We went and visited the Ernest Hemingway house and saw all the cats and even the ones with the extra toes!!

This guy was walking around Key West!

The girls getting there dance on!!

Group photo at Aunt Mary's!

My grandma and I
Stephanie and I

Daniella Sariah and Stephanie

Grandpa coloring with the girls!
Sariah and Stephanie
Sammi talking with Great Grandma

Spencer and I in the Bahamas!!

Spencer, me, and Aunt Mary

Aunt Vicki and Uncle Peter

Sammi and Daddy!
Spencer and his girls!!!

Jesse, Robert and Dad
Jesse, Robert, Dad, and Uncle Jimmy

Aunt Carol and Aunt Mary
Uncle Frank and Aunt Carol

Hanging out on the ship!

Sammi and Grandma!!
One night all the waiters did this dance around the whole dining room!

Our table
KeyWest! Right before I lost my camera! Yes I lost my camera the last day we were there!

Jesse and Chris!
All of us watching Sammi and Sariah as they performed for half of the cruise ship!!

Aunt Carol and Aunt Vicki

Jesse and Dad!
Aunt Mary!!
Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Peter, Dad and Aunt Carol
Grandma and Aunt Carol
Waiting to leave to go back to Aunt Mary's after the cruise was over!