Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Kitchen!!!

Well here our some of the pictures of our kitchen! The first picture is of the kitchen before! Spencer and Pat worked hard tearing it out! Then that night Dad and Mikey arrived with our cabinets and our granite!! They did such a wonderful job!! Our kitchen is soo beautiful. They have been working soo hard to get it done! They work over at Boyd's during the day/ evening doing his remodel and then come home eat dinner and work on ours! They are in the process of hanging the doors so I will post more pictures when it is all done! Thank you Spencer, Dad, and Mikey for my beautiful kitchen and for all your hard work! I love it!!

18 month and 4 month Check Up

Yesterday we went to the Dr.'s for our Well Baby checkups! I was rather nervous because I thought both girls had to get shots. Sammi ended up not having to get any because she was all up to date, but poor little Sariah had to get 4. Yes believe it or not she did cry:( Poor little thing, or should I say big thing! I am going to give you both of there measurements so you can compare! It is pretty funny! So here it goes! Sammi is 30 1/2 in. in Height which is in the 10-25% She weighs a whole wopping 20 lb.s which is in the 5% and her head is 45cm which is in the 10-25%. And Sariah is 24 1/2 in. in Height which is in the 50-75% she weighs 17 lbs, no that is not a typo! She weighs 17lbs! she is in the 95% and her head is 40 cm which is in the 10-25% The Dr. began to ask me, Is your husband a rather large man? He has seen Spencer numerous time but he couldn't remember, I started to laugh when he asked that and I told him how Spencer is 6'2 and he says well that explains it, Sammi takes after you and Sariah takes after him! If only he new what I looked like when I was a baby, I think I was a little bigger than Sariah! He said if Sariah could walk It would look like I had twins! I took this picture of them on Sunday they were watching to guys work on the Kitchen!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008