Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LA Temple!!

This last weekend we went to the LA Temple for our friend Titus's sealing! We drove 4 hours to Bakersfield on Thursday night to drop the girls off at Mom and Dads so mom could watch the girls for us while we were in LA! We didn't get there until 12:00am and had to leave by like 7:30am for the sealing the next morning. We had a nice drive down to LA and there wasn't much traffic we got there about an hour early!! We go in and they temple worker tells us "OOH you temple recommends are expired!!!!!" We were like NO!!!! He said they were very expired but they only expired on the 31st of December so I guess two weeks is very expired??? We tried everything to be able to go in!! Spencer has our Stake Presidents personal cell number along with our Bishops cell number, we asked if they could please call them they said they could but we would need to do the interview and we were like ok that is fine lets do it!! But he then proceeded to say we would still need the signatures on it!! We were so upset and just waited outside!! That was a definite lesson learned!! So we just walked around the temple taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather!! After that we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with everyone that had come down for the wedding!! We had a wonderful day and were glad to be able to be there for Titus and Christine even if we weren't able to go in the temple:( Note, I have made an app. to get our new recommends!! The LA Temple was beautiful!!
Titus, Christine and Family

Spencer and I outside the temple!!

My good lookin husband in front of the temple!!


Our Beautiful Weather In January!!!

So it's January and it is like 70 degrees out!! No joke!! I have my heater off during the day and the windows are open!!! I love it!! We are hoping it stays like this!! The girls and I are taking full advantage of it and heading to the park on a regular basis again! They love being outside and playing!! Sammi has made a new friend at the park who we have actually know since she was born but since we moved out of the Silver Springs ward they haven't seen much of each other they were still so young to really play together, But now that they are older they get along great so we are starting to do little play dates for them! Sariah is getting quite brave and now goes down the slide all by herself she climbs up the stairs and over a little bridge to get to it and does great!!! She is quite fearless!!! She still loves to stand up on the bottom of the slide and loves trying to go up it backwards!! We are so happy to be able to enjoy this weather and we hope it stays nice!!! Here are some pictures of one of our park days!!

My New Calling!!

So this past Sunday I was called to serve as our Relief Society Secretary!! I am super excited for my new calling and still kinda in shock that they asked me!! We had our first meeting the other day and they told me it was fine to bring the girls! We had the meeting at the Relief Society Presidents house and I was so nervous the girls were going to get into something they weren't supposed to I was also trying to pay attention to the meeting as well!! It went well but I was a bit overwhelmed!! So I asked them if it would be alright to have the next meeting at my house! They were all ok with that so that was nice! That way I don't have to worry about the kiddos getting into anything!! I am so excited to be able to serve in the Relief Society Presidency and excited to get to know more of the women in our ward!! The first week was a bit overwhelming but now I am getting things in order and I know it will be great! Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Poor Little Sammi

This picture was taken today Sunday January 11 her rash is doing much better!!!!
Our poor little Sammi has been really sick:( It all started on December 30th! Both the girls were sick with colds but Sariah was a little worse than Sammi and she had this awful cough and she sounded wheezy so I took her into the Dr. to have her checked. We were not able to get into our regular Dr. so we saw someone else but anyway we found out Sariah had a double ear infection! She had just had an ear infection like less than a month before so the Dr. put her on a stronger antibiotic. I asked the Dr. to check Sammi's ears and she did and said Sammi had an ear infection as well. She also gave Sammi a prescription. To make a long story short on the 8th day of the antibiotic Sammi wouldn't eat anything, we were going on day 2 of no eating so we took her into the Dr. When I was getting her dressed to go to the Dr. I noticed a light red rash all over her body. By the time we got to the Dr. which was like an hour later the rash had gotten worse and she started to have diarrhea. The Dr. said it could be one of two things a viral infection or she is allergic to amoxocilian. He was confident it was an allergic reaction though, he said Sariah would have the same thing if it was a viral infection, so we stopped her medication, the ear infection was gone so that was ok, but our poor Sammi was not. She has been on the Brat diet where she can only have bread, rice apple sauce, dry cereal, oatmeal, Gatorade and water just stuff in those categories. She is still hardly eating and has lost a lot of weight which she is already so tiny she cant afford to lose any weight, she still has an awful rash that kinda seems to be getting better but I just don't know, it just doesn't seem as rashy its just red now. She still has diarrhea once a day. We are really worried about her. We just keep waiting for her to get all better, we start to think she is feeling better but we just don't know. You ask her if her tummy hurts and she says no but she has no appetite at all we have to literally bribe her to eat. The day I took these pictures she had eaten a half of a pancake and three bites of eggs, for lunch I had made her french fries and she ate some of them so I thought ok she is getting better! It just keeps fluctuating though,you can tell she just isn't her self. We are hoping tomorrow she feels all better! I know it is going to take time to get all the medicine out of her system it has only been since Thursday since she has been off the medicine so we just have to remember that! She is also on Probiotics so that is supposed to speed up the process. I know she is going to be all right its just scary when your baby is so sick! Sariah is doing great though, she is all over being sick and no more ear infections!! You cant really see her rash in these pictures her skin just looks a little pinker! If you click on the picture on my next post of Sammi putting lip gloss on Sariah you can see her rash a little better. It's just so sad:(
Eating her french fries!

I think she was done with me taking pictures!

Best Friends!!

Last night Spencer went with Mikey to watch the Friday Night Fights with some friends, so the girls and I stayed home and played!! Sammi was feeling pretty good so yeah to that!! First I am going to start out by saying how grateful I am for my sweet little girls!! They bring so much joy to me!!! I remember when we found out we were having another girl, I was truly excited because I just knew Sammi and her would be best friends!! They are both old enough now to play together and I just LOVE watching them!! Sammi loves to have her sister by her side all the time, if Sariah leaves the room Sammi comes to find her yelling "Sariah, where is Sariah?" and she will take her by the hand and lead her back to where ever they had been playing before! And Sariah does the same thing as well, she follows Sammi around everywhere!! It's just soo cute!! They both do have there moments of little fights but for the most part they get a long very well!! So back to Friday night! The girls LOVE dress up and anything that has to do with princesses! So we dressed them up as little princesses and they sang and danced and even rode away on a pink pony!! I took some really cute pictures of our fun girls night, So enjoy!!!
Our little princesses dancing there little hearts out!! I love this picture it looks like Sammi is doing the dancing and Sariah is doing the singing!!
Princess Sariah!
Princess Sammi putting lip gloss on princess Sariah!
Best Friends!!
Princess Sammi riding away on her pink pony!!

Our Little Climbers!!

As many of you know Sammi has always been very inquisitive of everything! We knew she was a climber when she would try to climb on everything and into everything when she was less than one!! The whole climbing thing stopped for awhile I believe because she had investigated all there was to investigate, boy was I wrong!! Not too long ago she figured out that if she carried her drum set with her she could set it down and climb onto things!! We have found her on top of the bathroom counter, on top of her dresser and ever since we got our bar stools she gets onto the counter and walks along it to get whatever she is after. She has brought it to a whole new level! ha ha!! And now for little Sariah I was relieved that she had not attempted to climb on anything, I thought to myself oh good we only have one little climber! Boy was I wrong!! She just didn't start as early as Sammi! Her climbing has just begun. She LOVES to climb on top of the fireplace that is actually what she mastered first!!She thinks its so funny to walk along it and to do a little dance! She also likes to climb on top of the dishwasher and into the play box in the living room!! She loves getting into the all the cupboards and playing with the pots and pans and loves our pull out trash can! Yuck I know!! So here are some pictures of our little climbers!
After her pink cup!!
After I dont know what!!
Trying to fit in there baby pack n play!
Sariah loving to climb on the dishwasher!!
Sariah's favorite place to climb, the fireplace!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well we hope everyone had a very happy new year!! We went over to our friends Derrick and Megan's to have some yummy nachos and yummy treats and to play games!! Boyd, Rene and David were there too and we had a lot of fun watching videos of Derrick dance!! And Boyd had a lot of fun giving me a hard time about my Ed Hardy shirt!! Yes Sunni I said Ed Hardy!! ha ha!! It was a cute shirt and I got a great deal on it!! Anyway we had a great time! After that we came home and put the girls down for bed and Spencer and I cuddled up under a blanket on the couch and watched a movie!! We are so excited for another great year here in the Taylor family! As far as blogging I am going to really try to be a better blogger! As you continue to scroll down you will see I had sooo much to catch up on, there is so much you may have to even click on the older posts icon!! ha ha!! Well We hope Everyone has a wonderful 2009!!

Merry Christmas!!

Every year we switch off between my mom's house and Spencer's parents house for Christmas! This year was spent with Mom and Dad Taylor! We had a wonderful visit!! We hung out played games watched the UFC fights, watched some basketball, football and ate and ate and ate!! No exaggerating about the eating and eating either!! Spencer's cousin Sean and his wife Bree came over to take family pictures as well!! They turned out really good, thanks guys!! The girls really enjoyed being with the family too there were kids EVERYWHERE!! I am sure mom is enjoying the peace and quiet as we speak!! Sammi and Sariah loved opening there gifts to see what Santa had brought them! Sariah of course wasn't too sure what was going on with all the gifts but as you know that comes with being only 13 months old! Sammi on the other hand had started to try to open gifts right when we got there!! Everyday I would ask Sammi what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas and she would tell me pink sparkly lips, which is pink lip gloss with sparkles in it!! Of course she got a hold of one of her gifts the day before and opened it and it was the one gift she had asked for!! That little stinker!! I just wrapped it back up and she still acted surprised when she opened it again in the morning!! It was so much fun to watch there faces as they opened up all there gifts!! Here are some pictures of the Taylor Family Christmas!! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

Sammi opening her Christmas Eve gift!

Sariah opening her Christmas eve gift!!

Sammi wearing Ellie's wig!!

Spencer and the girls waiting to see what Santa brought them!!

Sammi looking at her new dress up that Santa brought her!

Grandpa showing Sariah her new little people bus!

Daddy and Sammi looking at one of her gifts!!

Sammi already dressed up!!

Sariah enjoying a book!! She loves books!!

Sariah with her new purse!! She has an infatuation with purses!!

Sammi opening another gift!

Sammi and her cheese smile showing us her new sleeping beauty!!

Sariah and her new phone!!

Sariah and her new horsee and baby!!

Spencer and I enjoying ourselves!!

Sammi and Luke helping grandma cook!

Spencers favorite movie that Mauri got him!! The Elephant Man!! ha ha!!

Sunni and Nick !

The girls watching a movie back in Grandma and Grandpas room!!

One good looking family!!

Mom and her girls!!

Lyman Family!

Mom and Dad and there kids all grown up!!

The guys!! (Teddy had to hurry and get the girls to their soccer game)

Brothers and Sisters!!

Best Friends!

Grandma and Grandpa and ALL there grandchildren!!