Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday My Shnukoms!!!

Happy Birthday babe!! I hope you had a very Happy Day!! You have made all my dreams come true!! You are the best husband and father ever!! I am so excited to grow old with you and to enjoy many many many more Birthdays!! YEAH!! I love you my eternal partner!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to Blogging!!!

So I want to apologize to everyone for not keeping up my blog!! Things have been super busy here in the Taylor house hold!! The weather has been beautiful so the girls and I walk everyday and go to the park as well, ok no excuses!! But I have finally updated!! YEAH!!!!

Dancing with Daddy!

A couple of weeks ago while Spencer had been working at his bosses house the girls and I would walk over there and have lunch with him. It was so much fun!! We ate lunch together and bounced on the trampoline and of coursed Sammi got to dance with Daddy!!

Bath Time!!

I found this little bath chair for Sariah and it makes bath time sooo much easier!! I can now stick both of the girls in at the same time!! Whoo Hoo!! The things you get excited about once your a mom!! The girls love it too!!

Our Sweet Sariah!!

On April 8, I gave Sariah rice cereal for the first time! Boy did she love it I was so surprised!! Just kidding!! It was the funniest thing ever she acted like she had been eating it since the day she was born, she just opened her mouth and ate it! All you mothers know what I am talking about, there was no gagging, or anything!! Sariah is such a joy, she is so sweet and such a wonderful baby, she is getting more vocal and is growing up too fast!! I just love kissing her daily!!

Best of Friends!!

Sammi and Sariah are just too cute!! They LOVE each other soo much!! Sammi just wants to kiss Sariah all the time and she is starting to play with her, the other day I was watching Sammi play Peekaboo with her, it brought tears to my eyes! Yes I am a dork but I love how sweet they are together!! Sariah just watches Sammi as she plays and they love to play together under the play mat as you can see below!! No matter how bad of a day Sammi is having she is ALWAYS sweet to her sister, me on the other hand that's another story for another blog with the headline THE TERRIBLE TWOS!!!

Big Girl!!

So Sammi has had enough with her high chair which is fine beacuse know Sariah sits in it, but anyways we bought her a little pink booster chair that sits right in the seat and she loves it!! She thinks she is soo big know!

A Week at Grandmas!

The week after Easter the girls and I went to go visit my mom and family!! We had a great time. We took more pictures but they are on our Costco account, along with the girls Easter pictures!! We celebrated my brother Jesse's Birthday while we were there and had a barbecue, we had dinner at Kai and Elizabeth's too. Oh and I got a pedicure and manicure with my sister Elizabeth. My mom also treated me to a massage!!!!! We got to spend lots and Luciana had a wonderful time too, Luciana was so funny with Sammi she just wanted to wrestle with her!! It got to the point that every time Luciana would come close to Sammi, Sammi would flinch!! We cant wait till our next visit!! Luciana better watch out!! Sammi has definitely gotten tougher in her terrible two's!!!!

Happy Late Easter!!

Ok so I am a little late on posting our Easter pictures! And I don't even have the ones of the girls I took but those are soon to come! along with the ones with the Easte bunny!! We had a nice visit with Mauri and Teddy and the kids they came over and we had pizza and just hung out and watched Americas Funniest Home videos. Then that weekend we had mom (Abby) and Dad (Mike), Mikey, Sunni and Nick and fam. all come for Easter weekend. We all had a lot of fun. The guys finished up our kitchen and then we just all hung out. The kids got to play as you can see below!! Grandma got to give lots of kisses to our little chubbett!! On Easter morning they all had there Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left them. The easter bunny left Sammi a little chirping chick and a stuffed bunnny and bubbles and a coloring book and cranyons. Saraih got a stuffed duckie and a rubber duckie!The Easter bunny didn't put any candy in Sammi's basket because he knows what happens when she has candy, (she wont stop eating it and says "MORE" over and over and over and over again!!) I know mean bunny! But the Easter bunny did put candy in Luke's basket so guess what Sammi got to eat some candy too and needless to say she was in bed by like 6:00pm!! We couldn't handle it anymore along with everyone else!!

Reading To My Girls

So as many of you know Sammi LOVES to read books!! We go to the Library twice a week. We have know included Sariah in on our reading time!! Sammi has been funny about reading lately, she has been wanting only certain books! Sometimes we read the same book like four times!!! Sammi has def. been letting me know what she wants these days!! Little Sariah just sits and watches the book as you can see below!!

Spring Time Carnival

Last month our playgroup went to a carnival. Sammi absolutely LOVED it her favorite thing was the ferris wheel!! At first she rode with her friend Madison and when Madison had enough of it Sammi wanted to stay on!! I swear she rode that thing the whole time, She did get off to get a balloon and do some water activities which she enjoyed too but not as much as the ferris wheel!! On her last ride up the ride had stopped to let some of the other children off, Sammi was in the air and started to stand up!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! They made her get off the ride!! Which I didn't mind at all!! The last picture is of her trying to reach for the ferris wheel attendant trying to get her to pick her up and let her back on!! We all were cracking up!! Our little Sammi is just so cute we sure do love her!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sariah loves her bouncer so much!! These pictures are kinda old seeing I haven't blogged in forever!! Anyways I looked over at her and there she was fast asleep!! I guess she was little tired!!

Spencer and Caster!!

Ok so we were given this dog house for Caster and it sat there for days, he would not get into it!! So one day after work Spencer decided to get into it with him to see if that would work!! It did he know goes inside it!! Now that's some dedication!!