Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Smiling Litte Boy!!

This past weekend Spencer started to really smile!! He loved smiling at everyone except me! ha ha!! I even tried to change my voice to get him to smile!! Yes I know I am a dork!! Sunni took these great pictures of him!! Isn't he the cutest baby ever!!!

Spencers Blessing!!

This past weekend we blessed our little Spencer!! We had a lot of family come to town as well!! And missed all those who couldn't make it!! Spencer did such a great job blessing our little Spencer it was definitely an unforgettable day!! The girls loved having there cousins Luke and Logan here for the weekend as they always do!! Mom and Dad watched ALL the kids so all of us adults could go do some shopping on Saturday thanks so much again!! That night we watched the fights with the family and some friends!! Thank you all for coming and being a part of our little guys special day!! Here are some pictures of our eventful weekend!! All the little kiddos with there shirts off!!
Getting ready to go to some shopping!! Jaime and Michael met up with us a little later!!

Our little family on Spencer's Blessing day!!

The Taylor's!
The two Spencer's!!!
Father and Son!!

Our Funny Little Girls!!

Our girls are constantly making us laugh!! They bring smiles to our faces everyday with the things they say and do!! Here are some funny little pictures of them!! They think its so funny to sit on each other!! The one on bottom is usually always screaming!!
So while Grandma and Grandpa where here we put the girls in to sleep together!! Sariah was in the pack and play so we thought and Sammi was in her bed! I went to go tuck them in and here is what I saw!! Too cute!!

I went back into the room for something and this is what I saw when coming back in!! ha ha!!

Pumkin LOT

This month a group of girls went with all our kiddos to the pumpkin lot at the Sunset Station. The kids always love going!! As you see I wrote lot instead of patch because it is in a parking lot! ha ha!! That's Vegas for you!! There were rides and a jump house along with a little petting zoo! The girls loved it all, well except Sariah hated the petting zoo!! She wanted nothing to do with the animals! She actually clung to my leg the whole time while little Sammi chased after all the animals trying to hold them!! Here are some pictures of them having some fun!! On one of the rides!
Sammi holding a rabbit!!
Waiting there turn!

Sariah on the swings!!
Sammi on the swings!
Sariah playing in the little pumpkins!
All the kids on the little train ride!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sammi's First Day Of Pre-School!!

Our little Sammi had her first day of pre-school this last month!! She was so excited as you can see in the picture below!! We went the week before and she picked out her little Tinker Bell backpack! She kept telling everyone how she was going to school and would ask me daily if she was going to school today!! We went for orientation the week before so she could meet her teachers! We are in the second month of it now and she is absolutely LOVING it!! She has made lots of friends and loves her teachers!! I am so happy we signed her up it has been so worth it!! The teachers were so impressed that she knows all her ABC's! Her teachers tell me that she loves to help all the other kids!! What a cute girl!!

Little Spencer-Sabraw Photography

When Spencer was 11 days old Dawn took his newborn pictures!! She did such a wonderful job!! Spencer was a little trooper through it all!! Most newborns like to be all curled up in the fetal position but not our little one!! He wanted to be all sprawled out!! We kept trying to get him to curl up it was so funny!! There were soo many pictures to choose from, but here are some of my favorites! Thanks again Dawn!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spencer Michael Taylor

As many of you know heavenly father blessed us with our baby boy Spencer on August 29! Here is the story of how our little boy entered this world! My Dr. had to take my cerclage out early due to my contractions. The following day Spencer drove with the girls to Bakersfield to be there for his brother Mikey's wedding. He was going to hurry home if I went into labor! My mom flew in to be with me so I was not alone. We had a lot of fun together the next couple of days! I will admit it was soo nice to have my mom all to myself!! Thank you mom for coming and staying with me!! The wedding was on Friday afternoon and the reception was in the evening. It was really weird I started contracting right when the wedding was over, I took one of my pills terbutaline to stop my contractions but they were not stopping!! My mom called Spencer and told him he should come! Of course about 2 hours later they had stopped!! Spencer and his mom and the girls drove all night to get there, they arrived around 3:00am. We all went to bed and woke up it the morning and hung around the house. We all were able to take a nap and when we woke up the contractions started again!! They started out about 15 min apart and then got to 5 minutes apart. We all got in the car and dropped the girls off with Dawn and Megan Tatum who the girls absolutely love!! Thank you guys soo much for taking them!! And we were off to the hospital! When we got there the contractions were 2 minutes apart! They got us in the room and after about 20min. told me they were going to keep me, keep so I told them to get that epidural in route!! ha ha!! My labor and delivery nurse was the best I have ever had!! Her name was Haze and she was so funny!! Come to find out she too was LDS so that just made it even better!!! I was soo happy to have Spencer and both of our moms there!! Well during my labor little Spencers heart rate started to drop a lot so they got Spencer all suited up to take me in for a C-Section.His heart rate started to normalize so I was good to go!! It was really scary though! Poor Spencer was so worried! Our moms had gone to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria so when they got back they were like what in the world, when they saw Spencer all suited up!! When I was pushing they realized the baby was post terior, meaning facing up so we was stuck so they had to use the vacuum to get him out, not only that but I had a placenta abrubtion, meaning my placenta tore away from my uterus, so the baby ingested a ton of my blood. Our little Spencer came into this world at 7:32pm weighing 6lbs. 8oz and was 19 1/2 inches long! After he came out they took him right over to the little heat table to suction all the blood he had ingested. He was a month early so between him ingesting my blood and his little lungs not being quite ready he was put into the level 3 NICU. He was there first level 3 patient. The poor little guy stayed there for a week. He was on oxygen and on a feeding tube the firs 6 days of his life. They had to give him servectin for his lungs and he was also on an antibiotic. On day one our dear friend Pat Thompson came to the hospital and Spencer gave our little Spencer a blessing! Each day he progressed, I was able to hold him on day 3 for about 5 min. so that was soo nice! I had only held him for a min. when he was born. On day 3 he had a little set back and they had to put him on a si-pap machine, but they were able to take him off of it the following day. He was a little jaundice on day 4 so they had him under the lights for a couple of days. In the middle of the night on day 5 they started to feed him a little, it was so nice to be able to hold and feed him regularly. I was able to nurse him a little starting on day 6. He came home that Saturday!! During his stay at the hospital we were able to room there for free, what a blessing that was. We didn't want to leave him. We would go home to see the girls during the afternoon for a couple of hours and then hurry back to the hospital. The girls were such troopers during all of this. Thank you to both our moms for all you did for us!! We are truly grateful. The girls were so excited when we went to go pick him up to bring him home!! They couldn't wait to hold him!! Thank you all for all your prayers! Here are some pictures of our eventful week! Waiting for them to let us in!
On our way to labor and delivery

We got in our room at 3:39pm and delivered him at 7:32pm!
Waiting for him to come!
Spencer all suited up and me on oxygen
Our little guy!
6lbs 8oz, look at his head! He had the biggest cone head ever!!
Our little blessing!
Soo cute!!
Loving our new baby boy!
Daddy and his boy!
Under the lights in the NICU
His little set back
Spencer holding little Spencer in the NICU
Me holding Spencer in the NICU
So sweet!
Sariah so excited to see baby brother!
Bringing him home!!
Sammi already being a little mommy!!
Sammi holding and loving her baby brother!
Sariah so exctied and trying to touch his eyes!!
Taking it all in!!
Love it!!!
Our little Spencer on his second day at home! Welcome home little guy! We love you!!