Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sabraw Photography

I couldn't forget to post some pictures of our sweet little boy at 7 months of age (I know he is almost 9 months but as usual I am a little late!) The talented Dawn Sabraw of Sabraw Photography took these pictures one nice evening while we were outside visiting!! Go check out her website here (just click on it!)

Mommy Daughter Day!!

Last Saturday Sammi and I had a Mommy Daughter day!! I had registered Sammi for a Princess Tea party that they were having at the Library, (you had to be 3) so we decided to make a day of it, just her and I!! The girls had gymnastics in the morning so after that was done we were off to start our fun filled day!! Our first stop was the gas station to get some treats!!! Our second stop was Sunset Park! Sammi loves feeding the duck so we headed over there! While we were there we played a little game that Sammi had made for me for Mothers Day in Primary it included M&M's so you know she LOVED that! Ha Ha! After that we headed over to watch the airplanes land and take off at the airport! She loved sitting in the front seat and just watching them and got really excited when I turned the radio to where you could here them talking regarding the airplanes! After that we headed over to the Library for her Princess Tea Party. She had picked out her outfit that she was going to wear before we left and had it on so we were ready to go!! We got there a little early and Sammi had fallen asleep on the way there so we just sat in the car and I woke her up when it was time to go! She LOVED the Princess Tea Party! There were tons of little princesses there and she has been talking about it for days!! It was so nice to be able to have a day just the two of us!! We will be trading off between the girls and having Mommy and Daddy days more often!!! My cute little Princess

The cute little baby ducks!!

Watching an airplane land!

I love her!!!

Silly faces!!

Being funny!!
Waiting to go into the Princess Tea Party, she was team Snow White

Painting her little tea cup!

Me and my little Princess!

Helping her out a little:)

Putting her listening ears on!

Story Time!!

So another school year of story time has ended:( My girls LOVE story time and its so funny because we go so much and have gone since Sammi wasn't even a year old they all know my kids names along with mine too! We have ha d the pleasure of getting to know Mrs.Linda who you see below over the years, We see her almost every Sunday at church, her ward meets in the same building! I have been to all the story times here in Henderson and some of the Las Vegas ones but the one at the Paseo Verde Library is by far the best one!! Starting in August Sammi will be moved up to the Preschool story time for ages 4-5 and Sariah will stay where she is at (I think) and I am excited to have little Spencer have his own little story time starting in September too! That means we will be at the Library 3times a week!! Thank goodness its close to my house!! We are going to be busy bee's starting in September between Preschool for the girls M-F and Story Time 3 times a week and not to mention my gym time!! Well here are some pictures of the girls last story time for the School year before the summer Story Time begins!Listening to Mrs. Linda
Playing with some instruments

Sariah loves being front and center!

Mothers Day!!!

How could I forget a post about Mothers Day?? First of all I want to say once again that I hope our mothers had a wonderful day!!! Spencer and I are beyond grateful for both of you!! What wonderful women you both are!!! We love both of you very much!! Also we hope our grandmothers and sisters/ in-laws and all of friends had a great day as well! The Saturday before Mothers Day our friends invited us to the M Resort Pool for some fun in the sun!! (No kids allowed!) We had a blast it was so nice to relax and just hang out and visit under the sun!!! Mothers day morning I woke up to a delicious breakfast in bed!! (I still think about that breakfast daily!) I then was able to go back to sleep!! Until 10:17am!!!! I think of that all the time too! ha ha!! We went to church and the day I had dreamed of for almost 4 years came true!! Sammi sang in the Mothers Day program at church! She did sooo good!! She snag and smiled at us and did the cute litte wave!! I know some of you may think what in the world? But I truly used to think about my kids singing in the primary program!! And YES I did cry, and I know I will next year when Sariah is up there and the year after when little Spencer too!! We had a wonderful day! Spencer made Salmon burgers for dinner (they are my new fav.) and we just enjoyed the rest of our day!! I am soo blessed to be a mommy to my three children!! They truly make mine and Spencer's life complete!! Happy Mothers Day!!!

Grandma Dawn's

For all you that don't know who Grandma Dawn is she is a close friend of ours! Her daughter Megan has babysat for us since Sammi was 2 months old! The girls love going over and hanging out with there Grandma Dawn, they have tea parties and crafts and just have lots of fun! Dawn had back surgery so the girls didn't go over there for awhile but they have been able to go play with her a couple times a month now! The pictures below were taken after a day at Grandma Dawns!!Sariah fell asleep eating, Sammi was next to her but not all the way out but she kept nodding!!
What a day!!!

Park Time!!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful!!! We have been to the park quite a bit already!! It has even been warm enough to go to the splash pads already!!! I love this time of year! Its not too hot and not too cold!!! Here are some pictures I took with my phone one day when we decided to stop at the park after the gym!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sammi's Last Day Of School!

Sammi had her last day of preschool on May 11! She absolutely LOVED her first year of preschool!! I have to say I was soo happy with the preschool not to mention the price, that both the girls will be going in the Fall. Sariah wont be able to start until November because she doesn't turn 3 until then but Sammi will be starting in September. Sammi will go three days a week next school year and Sariah will go two! Here are two pictures from her last day of school!! Sammi and her teachers Ms. Patty, Ms. Maria and Ms. Joanne. They are such great teachers! (I couldn't get Sammi to look at the camera, little stinker)
Giving me a little pose as I take her picture!!

Our Newest Family Member!

Yes we got another dog!! Spencer brought home our newest member of the Taylor family a couple weeks ago! SHE is a cute American Bulldog! The girls were soo excited when Spencer walked through the door with her!! We named her Mello! We had two names to pick from, Sammi wanted to name him Mello and Sariah wanted to name him Ruffy!! Spencer said he was not naming her Ruffy! Ha Ha!! Sammi came up with her name because I kept saying how mellow she was for being a puppy!! Caster LOVES her and they are the best of friends already! They try to sleep together in Caster's kennel, and play outside together and nap together side to side!! We are able to take both of them for walks, Spencer walks Caster, Sammi walks Mello and I push the double stroller! Sammi does soo good at walking her too!! We went for quite a long walk the other day and Sammi did a great job!! So all in all she has turned out to be a great puppy thus far!! When Sariah first saw the puppy!!
Soo excited for there new dog!!

Sammi loving her puppy!!

Sariah loving her puppy!!

Sammi showing Spencer the puppy!

Its so hard to get a real good picture of just her! She moves so fast!!

Hanging out with Spencer!

The best of friends already!!

Happy Birthday Spencer!!!

On April 30th Spencer turned 33!!!! The kids and I went and brought him balloons to his job site and made him a yummy strawberry cream cheese cake!! I decided it would be best not to try to make some kind of cake I have never made before hence last years cake ha ha!! That night we had a sitter come to watch the kids and we went out and had some fun!! Spencer wanted to go eat at the Texas De Brazil and some friends surprised him by showing up and with tickets to a comedy show!! When we got home that night Mikey and Larissa were here to come hang out for Spencer's Birthday weekend!! Spencer and Mikey headed to the race track on Saturday while Larissa and I hung out and went to a Birthday party! Later that night we ended up having our close friends over for a barbecue! It was a fun Birthday weekend!! Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!!!!
The Big 33
Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy!!

Blowing out the candles!!

Spencer and I, Chris, Gabe, Steve and Tracy at Spencer's Birthday Dinner!!

How We Sleep!!

Every night when we walk in to tuck my kids in before we go bed I always wonder what I am going to see this time!! The girls LOVE that they share a room, we put them in bed and for the first 30-45 min they play in the pitch black dark!!! They sometimes end up passing out together in Sammi's bed or Sariah will go to sleep with dress up on and sometimes with shoes!! Little Spencer has even joined in on the sleeping fun, I got nervous at first when I walked in and couldn't see his head but then quickly saw that he could breath still and it just looked worse than it was, so I had to run and get the camera!!

Dadda, Holding The Bottle and Sitting Up!!

Its Official Spencer's first word is Dadda!!! He first said it over a month ago but seeing I am soooo behind on blogging....... We were eating at Rubio's one Friday family night when all of a sudden he bursted out with "DADDA" Spencer said he had practiced and practiced with him!! Ha Ha!! Also almost a month ago Spencer starting sitting up all by himself!!! He is a pro at it now!! He can also hold his own bottle and actually prefers to!! Which honestly it makes it soo much easier if I am in a hurry to go somewhere!! He still loves to cuddle which I love!!! I cant believe how big my baby is getting!!!!