Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Poor Little Sammi

This picture was taken today Sunday January 11 her rash is doing much better!!!!
Our poor little Sammi has been really sick:( It all started on December 30th! Both the girls were sick with colds but Sariah was a little worse than Sammi and she had this awful cough and she sounded wheezy so I took her into the Dr. to have her checked. We were not able to get into our regular Dr. so we saw someone else but anyway we found out Sariah had a double ear infection! She had just had an ear infection like less than a month before so the Dr. put her on a stronger antibiotic. I asked the Dr. to check Sammi's ears and she did and said Sammi had an ear infection as well. She also gave Sammi a prescription. To make a long story short on the 8th day of the antibiotic Sammi wouldn't eat anything, we were going on day 2 of no eating so we took her into the Dr. When I was getting her dressed to go to the Dr. I noticed a light red rash all over her body. By the time we got to the Dr. which was like an hour later the rash had gotten worse and she started to have diarrhea. The Dr. said it could be one of two things a viral infection or she is allergic to amoxocilian. He was confident it was an allergic reaction though, he said Sariah would have the same thing if it was a viral infection, so we stopped her medication, the ear infection was gone so that was ok, but our poor Sammi was not. She has been on the Brat diet where she can only have bread, rice apple sauce, dry cereal, oatmeal, Gatorade and water just stuff in those categories. She is still hardly eating and has lost a lot of weight which she is already so tiny she cant afford to lose any weight, she still has an awful rash that kinda seems to be getting better but I just don't know, it just doesn't seem as rashy its just red now. She still has diarrhea once a day. We are really worried about her. We just keep waiting for her to get all better, we start to think she is feeling better but we just don't know. You ask her if her tummy hurts and she says no but she has no appetite at all we have to literally bribe her to eat. The day I took these pictures she had eaten a half of a pancake and three bites of eggs, for lunch I had made her french fries and she ate some of them so I thought ok she is getting better! It just keeps fluctuating though,you can tell she just isn't her self. We are hoping tomorrow she feels all better! I know it is going to take time to get all the medicine out of her system it has only been since Thursday since she has been off the medicine so we just have to remember that! She is also on Probiotics so that is supposed to speed up the process. I know she is going to be all right its just scary when your baby is so sick! Sariah is doing great though, she is all over being sick and no more ear infections!! You cant really see her rash in these pictures her skin just looks a little pinker! If you click on the picture on my next post of Sammi putting lip gloss on Sariah you can see her rash a little better. It's just so sad:(
Eating her french fries!

I think she was done with me taking pictures!


Sean and Bree said...

Sammi is so stinkin cute! When we were watchin the fight over Christmas, she hopped up onto my lap haha! You and her look so much alike, shanti. I'm sure you hear that all the time though :) Hope she feels better and hope we can come visit you guys soon!


Sarah said...

I noticed the same thing in Kai when he had an ear infection. I had only given it to him once so we were able to catch it early. Just remember from now on which child is allergic to the 'cilin' family. I hope she is doing better, and you for all the worrying that you have been doing.

Mauri said...

Poor baby!! You can see she is puffy in her face. When you have active little kids and they are so listless it is scary. I hope she is doing better. We love you!! Give her big hugs and kisses from her cousins!!

The Bell Fam said...

Oh, it's just the worst to have a sick kiddo, huh? Hope she is doing better. Love the new family picture! So adorable of you all. You two look so skinny and are inspiring me to eat better!

Potter Family said...

i miss your guys! how are you?