Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sammi's 4year and Spencers 1 year check up!

In September we had Sammi and Spencer's check up. We were able to go back to the Dr.'s office that I really liked since Spencer's job switched insurances!! I am soo happy to be back there where I feel the Dr. actually knows what he is talking about not only that he has patience seeing they work with children!! I have the kids seeing a great Dr. who actually thoroughly checks them, I know it sounds weird but our other Dr. did not do that he would just scan them over and do more talking then anything else. Okay enough of the rant on our old Dr.!! Both Sammi and Spencer are healthy and growing like they should be!! Sammi was brave and had to get some immunizations, she is all set until she turns 11!!! Spencer had to get his 1 year immunizations and took them like a champ too!!! Such brave little ones!!! Here are there stats!
Sammi- weighs 32 pounds and is in the 24-50 percentile. Height- 38.65 in. and is in the 25 percentile.
Spencer- weighs 21.13 pounds and is in the 50 percentile. Height-29 1/2 in. and is in the 50 percentile and his head circumference is 46cm which puts him in the 50 percentile
We are soo thankful to have healthy children. I truly believe it is a blessing!!!!

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