Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sariah's Go's to School!!!

This month Sariah started three rec-center classes! On Mondays she goes for and hour and half and on Wed. she goes for 45min. She is on the waiting list for the preschool but it doesn't look like she will be getting in this school year. We had to wait until she turned 3 before she could start. The rec-center classes have turned out to be great!!! Her teachers name is Mrs. Heather!! I am so happy we signed her up!! It has definitely been worth it!! She is learning about colors, shapes, the alphabet and doing an art class where she learns to use scissors and glue and so forth! But best of all she is having fun doing educational activities. She is also learning to sit in her chair for longer periods of time and doing most of the stuff that a preschool has to offer just shorter time frames. I know some parents who say preschool is a waste but I beg to differ. You as a parent can continue to teach them on an everyday basis but why not expand that! Yes she already knows her ABC's and knows lots of colors and shapes but why not give children a head start in a classroom setting!! I am able to also spend that time with little Spencer, one on one!! The week before school we took her to go pick out her little backpack! She couldn't decide on whether to get the Tinker Bell or the Princess backpack! In the end she picked the Tinker Bell!! Here's are cute little JoJo on her way to class!!!

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