Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting So Big!!!

So when Spencer gets home this is what he gets every time!! Little Spencer RUNS and I mean RUNS as fast as he can to greet him!! It is the cutest thing ever. The girls do it too but I caught this one and took a quick picture!! As I took the picture little Spencer said "Cheese!!" It was the cutest thing ever!! It was the first time we have ever heard him say that!! I think he picked up on it when we had family pictures last week!! I cant believe how big he is getting!! He is such a joy to have around!! He almost always has a big smile on his sweet little face!! Today little Spencer kept trying to climb behind the TV. I would shake my head to him and say "No No No little buddy, we don't get behind the TV" well tonight after big Spencer got home he tried doing it again, we were watching him and when he noticed that we were watching he starting shaking his head back and forth like I had been!! Its just so crazy how fast he is growing and how he is picking up on everything!! We just love our little man and love sitting back and watching him do and say new things!!!!


Abby said...

That Is The Cutest Picture!! It Made Me Cry alittle To see The Joy In Both Of Their Faces.. Priceless!!

Abby said...

I Forgot To tell You That I Love This Song!!!!!!