Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

This Halloween we were down in Bakersfield. We had Grandpa Taylor's funeral so Spencer got Monday morning off and we were able to to go trick or treating with the family!! The girls were in heaven with all there cousins and all the candy!!! When we got back to the house we had to check Sariah's bucket of candy. Out of her whole bucket there was only about 4 pieces of candy she could have, thank goodness Grandpa had bought candy to pass out that didn't contain any nuts so we put in a couple handfuls in her bucket and she was good to go!! The kids looked so cute in there costumes. Grandma Abby made the girls costumes!! Aren't they soo cute!! I bought Spencer's costume for $4.00 dollars at Children's place! He was a cute little Spider:) There cousins all looked soo good in there costumes. I was sad that I didn't get any pictures of Mauris kids dang it!! Well here are the pictures from our Halloween fun!!!

Us on Halloween!!!! I love my family!!!

We have the cutest kids!! Dont you just love the girls witch faces, while Spencer is going to town on his sucker!!!

Our sassy little witch!

Enjoying all there candy!

Taylor and Sadie

Ellie and Hayden!

The Urmston clan!! Can you believe Mom and Jaime made all those costumes!!!

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