Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mikey and Larissa's Sealing!!

Soo I am better late then never, but Mikey and Larissa were sealed what two months ago in the LA Temple!! We were able to go take part in there beautiful day!! We are truly happy for them to unite as an eternal family!!! There sealing was absolutely beautiful!! My dad helped watch the kids while we were in the endowment session and the sealing so a big thank you to him!! Spencer and I had never done a session in the LA Temple so we were pretty excited about that!! I cant wait to go back!!! Before we headed home we stopped to hang out with Jerrol and Jaylnn at the Santa Monica Pier!! Sariah was asleep almost the entire time, but Sammi was soo excited to ride on a couple rides!!! Here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend!! One big family!!!
Grandma Abby and Sariah
Sariah being silly!
All the little girls thought Larissa was a princess!! Sammi and Sariah still call her Auntie Larissa the princess lol!!

little Spencer
Sariah passed out!!
Sammi getting ready for her ride!
So brave!!
Loving it!!

She is so cute!!

Daddy and his baby boy!!

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