Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pioneer Day In St. George!!

On Pioneer Day this year we headed up to St.George Utah and stayed with Sunni and Nick and then headed up to Pine Valley to see Grandma and Grandpa Reber. Poor little Luke was not feeling well at all and had a really high temp. It went down in the morning so we went to the festivities they were having in Washington! The kids had soo much fun!!! We all had a blast!! After we got home little Luke was not feeling well again and his temp. spiked it was up to 105 soo scary! Nick and Spencer gave him a blessing and later on him temp broke and after taking a long nap he seemed to feel better! Poor guy! Later on the evening we did fireworks with some friends of Nick and Sunni's! The kids chased the flying army men that came out of the fireworks over and over again! After that was all done we headed to bed and then woke up and we were off to Pine Valley. I was so mad I didn't take any pictures up at Grandma and Grandpas!! It was soo good to see them! They are just so sweet and such great inspirations to all of us!! We are going to start to try to make it up there once a month to go see them! We are also making it a Taylor tradition to head to St. George ever Pioneer Day!! Well here are some pictures of our fun weekend!!! Sammi getting her face painted!
Sariah getting her face painted! She was so funny she started moving away from the lady because she said the lady was tickling her!

Sammi's butterfly

Sariah's butterfly

Doing the cupcake walk!! Bad idea though once we really thought about it because poor Sariah couldn't have one! Spencer made it up to her when he brought her favorite color "pink' cotton candy!

Little Luke!

Sammi and Sariah with the "Princess"!!

Luke playing one of the games!
Spencer and Spencer hanging out!
Logan waiting patiently in line to ride the horse!
The girls on the horse!!
Logan on the horse!
The girls and some more "Princess's" if they could have they would have followed them everywhere!
Sammi playing the fishing game!
Spencer and Spencer watching some fireworks!

Sariah having a great time watching to fireworks! But it was a little loud sometimes!
Luke just chillin watching the fireworks!
Sammi not liking the loud fireworks!!
Funny little girl!!
The kids chasing after the flying parachute army men!

Sariah playing one of the games!
Need I say more!
All the boys just chillin watching to fireworks! Sammi in the background!

My little man and I!
Spencer and Nick starting being a little scary with the fireworks! lol!
All the little ones with there sparklers!


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that looked like so much fun! I wish we could go to Pioneer day!!!

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